A modern garden room is a great space for anyone who wants to start crafting or do more in their spare time. But if you want your modern garden room to become a craft room successfully, it’s crucial to consider many aspects of the room, including storage, fittings, lighting, and style.

Creating a usable and inspirational craft room can take some planning to get right, so don’t just rush in and get started. Give it some careful consideration and decide precisely what you need.

Preparing Your Modern Garden Room

Even before you started any serious planning, you probably had a look around Pinterest to see what could be done. Any room can become a beautiful craft room, from a spare bedroom in your home to a garden shed. A modern garden room from Loghouse offers more potential than any of these other spaces!

When you’ve found your inspiration, you’ll need to strip it back in your mind (or on paper) to the underlying room. What does the flooring look like? What colour are the walls?

To prepare your modern garden room, you may need to empty what’s already in there if you’ve had it a while – but if it’s a new room, you’ll be starting from empty anyway.

Some of the great benefits of a modern garden room include connection to mains electricity and water. This means lighting is easily installed, you can have a space to wash your hands (or paintbrushes etc.), and you can even make a warm drink whenever you want one.

To get the basics done, you need to have the walls decorated and the flooring down. It is most effective to paint the walls first and lay the flooring afterwards as this prevents any potential splashes on the floor – however, if your floor is already down, just be careful when you’re painting.

The modern garden room for crafting should be a personal space that you can call your own. Wallpaper is another popular choice for modern garden rooms, whether it is on every wall or just as a feature wall – this is your space, and you can decorate it as you choose.

Next, get ready to make the space functional!


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Craft Workspaces in Your Modern Garden Room

With a garden room from Loghouse, you may already have counters or worksurfaces installed. If not, you’ll need to add your own as you see necessary.

Everybody works differently, and everyone’s crafting experience and workflow is different too. Design the layout of your room in a way that works for you, and don’t forget to take advantage of both natural and artificial lighting.

With a well-positioned garden room, it is likely flooded with natural light. This allows you to work easily and connects you to the garden itself, which many people find to be relaxing. It can also help to boost creativity, which is fantastic when you are indulging in your craft.

If your modern garden room looks out onto a lovely view, but the windows don’t let in enough light to work effectively, you still don’t need to worry – artificial lighting will solve the issue for you.

When you’re happy with the flow and lighting of your room, your next step is to find somewhere to keep all your crafting supplies and equipment.

Craft Storage in a Modern Garden Room

When you think of storage, you might immediately conjure images of plastic boxes packed with beads, wool, or other supplies. In a dedicated craft room, you can expand your horizons significantly.

Cupboards, under-counter storage, and plastic boxes are all possible, but you can add a little bit of style by choosing an alternative route.

Pegboards can be mounted on the wall and used to hang numerous items. Mount plant pots on the wall for a rustic look and repurpose other storage items – anything from a spice rack up to a pre-made cupboard can provide custom storage space when you need it.

With modern garden rooms, you can especially take advantage of moveable storage items. For example, cupboards that roll on tracks or wheels give you more space for your accessories while freeing up some counter space and can be moved to exactly where you need them at a moment’s notice.

Again, it would be best to customise the storage solution in your modern garden room to match how you work. Nothing is more frustrating than being engrossed in the middle of a project and having to get up to retrieve something from the opposite side of the room!

Inspire Yourself

The peace and tranquillity offered by a garden room are often enough to get someone in a creative mood, but there’s much more you can do. Hang your favourite pictures or inspirational quotes on the wall, ensure you have some plants in the garden room (whether natural or artificial), and if music provides inspiration, don’t forget to put your radio in a prime position.

Above all else, use the accessories and decorations you put in your modern garden room to encourage yourself to be creatively inspired. If it makes you happy and helps you produce your best work, then it has fulfilled its purpose!


Craft Rooms Designed for You

No two gardens are alike, and your modern garden room doesn’t need to be the same as any other, either. We offer a bespoke design service to help you get the garden room you need.

We’ll help you make sure that your craft room is the right size, sits at the right angle in your garden, and allows you to make the most of the natural light available. From start to end, we’ll be there with you from the design stages to the final finished room.

Similar to a Garden Room to keep fit at home, a Garden Room for crafting allows you to have all your crafting equipment available all the time. There’s no need to tidy everything away so the space can be used for something else such as broadcasting online from your home garden, as is common when you use a room in your home (particularly if you use the kitchen table).

It’s convenient and can inspire you to produce your best work at any time of the day or night. Your modern garden room is the perfect location for creativity and fun.

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