Garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular and desired among homeowners. They provide a place to escape the demands of everyday life without having to go too far away from it or spend too much money on an elaborate getaway.

Although simple in concept, you may have some questions about garden rooms – here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive.

Can Garden Rooms Be Attached to A House?

Yes, garden rooms can be attached to and integrated with a house, but certain restrictions apply to the height of the building and its proximity to neighbouring properties. This is considered an extension to your home and will be subject to local planning rules, so contacting your local planning department before construction is vital. It is also possible to have garden rooms that are separate from the main building – this is the most common option.

Does a Loghouse Garden Room Come with a Guarantee?

Yes, all garden rooms designed and manufactured by Loghouse come with a 10-year structural guarantee. Every garden room is constructed to the highest possible quality in our modern manufacturing facility, where we keep a close eye on every aspect of the process.

What Should I Look for in a Garden Room?

It is essential to look for a manufacturer you trust with a strong track record and excellent customer feedback – nobody is in a better position to judge the quality of a garden room than previous customers. We’re proud of our garden rooms and the reviews we receive.

Another aspect to bear in mind is that garden rooms are built with natural materials, and garden rooms are somewhat exposed to the elements. It is therefore essential to choose garden room products made from high-quality materials. At Loghouse, we use Scandinavian pine to create timber garden rooms. It is a renewable resource (so it’s eco-friendly) while being a strong and resilient wood that acts as a natural form of insulation and is resistant to the damage that the elements can cause.


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How Long Does a Garden Room Last?

We offer a 10-year structural guarantee, and that’s the absolute minimum you can expect. If you take care of your garden room and perform routine maintenance when needed, a garden room can last for decades. In fact, some log cabins are known to have survived a century or more, so there’s no need to worry that your garden room will need replacing!

Can a Garden Room be Moved?

No garden room is intended to be moved once built, but garden rooms are made in such a way that they can be dismantled and transported if required. However, some garden rooms will be built on foundations that are not easily moved. There will be further complexities if your garden room is connected to mains electricity, water, etc.

In short – choose the spot you want your garden room to be erected carefully!

What type of Doors and Windows Are Included in a Loghouse Garden Room?

As standard, living type windows and doors are included, but other options are available. Wood frames, aluminium frames, and vinyl frames are options. An Eco Garden Room has UPVC double glazed windows and doors as standard.

What Are SIPs?

SIPs or Structural Insulated Panels are composite materials that are used to build garden rooms. They’re made from a combination of wood, polystyrene and other components to create rigid panels with excellent insulation properties. An SIP garden room are easier to install than traditional garden rooms, as well as being more energy-efficient.

Are the Roof, Walls & Floors Insulated in Loghouse Garden Rooms?

In our Eco Garden Rooms, the building is fully insulated for maximum energy efficiency and retention of heat. Our timber log cabins include natural insulation – Scandinavian pine is a breathable material that keeps the interior cool in warm weather and warm in colder weather.

Do I Need Planning Permission to Build a Garden Room?

It is possible to build garden rooms without planning permission, but it can vary from location to location. In general, if a garden room is built to the side or behind your home, is a non-habitable freestanding structure, and is under 25 square metres in size, you won’t need planning permission – but always check with the local authority to make sure.

Can a Garden Room Be Used as a Granny Flat? Can I Live in a Garden Room?

Where planning permission is not necessarily required for non-habitable structures, all permanent dwellings, no matter what size they are, will need planning permission. If you or someone else intends to live in the garden room, you will need planning permission for a Garden Room and other approval to ensure that your building is suitable as a residential dwelling.


Can I Decorate My New Garden Room Myself?

Yes, garden rooms are incredibly straightforward to work on. You can paint and decorate the interior in any way you choose, and the exterior of a timber garden room can be painted, stained, or decorated as you choose.

Are Garden Rooms Warm Enough in the Winter?

In general, rooms for gardens are very comfortable in the winter, with their walls retaining heat either through natural insulation or through insulated SIP panels. Our timber garden rooms are sealed to ensure maximum heat retention.

With a connection to electricity and other mains services, you can add a heat source to a garden room quite easily.

How Long Will I Have to Wait if I Order My Garden Room Today?

If it is a standard garden room you require, we can usually supply and build the room within 10 – 12 weeks from the order date. Should you require a custom garden room or need to obtain planning permission, it may take longer due to the design and application process.

What Do I Have To Do Before Your Construction Team Arrive On-Site to Build My Garden Room?

In general, we’ll take care of everything for you. However, if you can ensure the area is clean and tidy before we arrive, it’s always helpful!

Can I Finance a Loghouse Garden Room?

Yes, you can finance a garden room from Loghouse. We partner with Humm (previously known as FlexiFi) to offer finance options for our garden rooms.


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