In general, log cabins score a high energy efficiency rating. They’re good at retaining heat within the house and balancing the temperature so it stays comfortable throughout the day, no matter the weather and climate.

Still, insulating log cabins is a consideration among homeowners. This is why you should also take great care in choosing the windows for a log cabin. It can either improve its efficiency or decrease its effectiveness.

That statement is true for all types of walls, but in this article, we’ll teach you how to choose windows for log cabins. Keep on reading to learn more.

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What to Consider When Choosing Windows for a Log Cabin 

There are lots of things you should consider when choosing windows for a log cabin, such as efficiency and size. Your choice of material and style depend on these things.

You should also consider the overall look of your log cabin from the inside and the outside. Wood against wood looks great, but if you’re painting them different colors, make sure to choose ones that complement each other.

The most important thing to consider, though, is your budget. Different materials have varying costs. Either you have to increase your budget to get the style you want or you have to sacrifice some things to stay within your budget.

Get familiar with the different materials and styles to be able to make an informed decision.

Window Frames

The material of the frame varies in durability and insulation properties. They’re also different in looks, so if you have an interior design you’re going for, this is going to be an important factor.


Wood’s greatest strength is its insulating properties apart from its aesthetic. It’s great at keeping heat where it should be – inside your house. It’s pretty durable if you get the right material.

It’s not, however, great for humid areas. It can rot and it’s prone to warping and damage. If you have wood for your window frames, you need to do a lot of maintenance to keep them in their best state.

Clad Wood

To compensate for some of the flaws of wooden frames, manufacturers have started offering clad wood frames. These are wooden frames that have a shell.

The shell protects the wood from the weather and other elements while you get the other benefits of wood. You don’t get to enjoy its aesthetic, though.

The most popular materials for the shell are vinyl and aluminum.


Aluminum is the least expensive material; it’s for this reason that it’s one of the most popular choices. It’s also thin, lightweight and low-maintenance.

It has greater durability than wood. However, it’s not that energy-efficient as it tends to transfer heat in and out at a high rate.


Vinyl has better energy efficiency properties than aluminum. It’s low-maintenance, too. Vinyl is more expensive than aluminum, but it’s still reasonably cheap.

For these reasons, you can consider vinyl because you can stay below your budget while getting some of the more important characteristics of a window frame.

Window Shape and Style

For the most part, the shape depends on your taste and preference. The shape doesn’t contribute much to the window’s function. It is, however, dependent on where you want to place it.

The style will also determine how the window opens. Here are different styles of windows.


Casement windows swing outward with their hinges along the sides. You use a crank to open this type of windows; you’ll often find it on the bottom of the frame.

It’s great for places with issues with the wind. If you get this style, you have to make sure to maintain the hinges and seals.

You also have to mind where you place casement windows. Don’t put them where they can swing into the path of where people walk.

Single- and Double-Hung

Single-hung windows have a sash at the bottom that slides up if you want some fresh air and down if you need wind cover. The top sash stays in place and doesn’t operate.

Double-hung windows are the same, except the top sash also moves. Like the bottom sash in a single-hung window, the top sash also glides up and down.

The double-hung variety is better for ventilation because you can open both sashes. There’s also a model that tilts inward from the top. This makes it easy to clean, although you can use it for other purposes like moving things through the window.


Slider windows, also called glide-by windows, have sections that slide open to one side. In some models, only one side is operating while the other one is fixed in place. They’re like sliding doors, except smaller.

Window Size

You can go either custom or stock when choosing the window size.

Custom models are a popular choice because they give you complete freedom in the measurements of your windows. You can make it so that your windows perfectly complement your home.

The stock sizes have plenty of options to let you choose a size that is ideal for your home. If you’re looking for a particular size that’s not available, remember that you can stack them, as well, so you can have floor-to-ceiling windows without paying for a premium price.

If one of them breaks or is due for an upgrade, it’s also easier to find a replacement. If you’ve opted for custom windows, you’ll have to order a replacement custom window according to your specifications.


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Find the Right Contractor and Windows for a Log Cabin

Take care when choosing the right windows for a log cabin. Make sure your research doesn’t go to waste by hiring the right Log Cabin contractor. The windows will only function properly if it’s well constructed and installed.

Contact us Loghouse now to have the log cabin of your dreams.

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