Rooms for gardens – Decorating a garden room might put a particular image in your head, and it’s probably going to look one of two ways – you’ll imagine a space that either doesn’t look good at all, or a room that looks amazing.

The only difference in the way rooms for gardens look seems, at first glance, to be down to your budget – but that isn’t necessarily true.

The garden rooms you’ve seen in the movies, on TV, and online are often a dream come true. These rooms look expensive and feel luxurious, and there is a way for you to have your own garden room that looks just as good if not better than those rooms from your favourite films.

We want you to be able to afford a great-looking garden room. Quite simply, when the interiors of home office garden rooms, for instance, are being put together by the team at Loghouse, we want to help you save money and time without sacrificing style.

By shopping at stores like Penneys and IKEA, you can achieve whatever look you desire. You’ll find everything you need to complement rustic rooms through to modern rooms, creating unique design features that match your personality and set them apart from any other garden room out there.


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Shopping for Decor

When shopping for garden rooms, you can find many items to use as decor to create effortlessly stylish rooms. It helps many people buy everything for their rooms all in one go, and if you can get it all from the same shop, so much the better!

This can be so much easier than trying to find bargains here and there, but nothing is preventing you from adding to your rooms for gardens as time goes on. It always pays to keep your eyes open, no matter what store you are in!

You’ll be able to pick out pieces that match your design theme, and some stores have complete matching ranges.

We think that both Penneys and IKEA are great places to pick up bargain decor for your garden rooms, but keep in mind that not everything is a bargain. While it is certainly very convenient to get everything from one shop, if something is higher-priced than you’d like, use your judgement as it is still worthwhile shopping around.

Inspiration for Rooms for Gardens

Some people have an innate sense of style and design, while others struggle to visualise how a finished room may appear. There are a couple of things you can do to improve your perspective.

First, shops like IKEA are your friend. Inside, they have different areas set up to look like rooms in your home. Fortunately, a garden room to keep fit in can be considered as another room in your home, so what works in the IKEA showroom is likely to work in your garden room too.

Remember, you’re looking for ideas, and you don’t have to buy everything from the shop. However, you can walk in and walk around the displays to get a feel for the room.

As an alternative, IKEA catalogues are available with great photos of these displays, or you can head online and take a look at their website.

Speaking of websites, it’s also worth looking at places like Pinterest. You can create your own board of room design inspiration. You’ll also find TV shows like Motel Makeover (on Netflix) to be an excellent source for discovering a look for your garden room.

Once you know what you’re aiming for, it’s a matter of heading to the shops and picking up the pieces that you need.

Top Tips for Designing Rooms for Gardens

Unlike rooms in your home, rooms for gardens often have much better natural light and clearer views of grass and plants.

The decor, plants, furniture, and other items you include in your garden room can be a reflection of this. If you have large windows or glass doors, strategically incorporating plants (artificial or otherwise) into your room can help bring “outdoors indoors” – blurring the lines between the garden room and the garden itself, making the space flow and extend.

The colours you choose and the patterns and stylings of any decorations will help set the mood for the room. Choose earthy tones or muted colours to help with relaxation, or use bright splashes if you’re planning on getting some exercise or work done.

Begin adding items to your rooms for gardens that reflect how you want these rooms to feel, and as time goes on, you’ll find it much easier to achieve the look and feel you wanted. The great thing about shopping at somewhere like Penneys is that it doesn’t cost a fortune. If you change your mind and want to start over, it’s affordable.

Even better, you could have a different look for every season!


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Finishing touches

As for any room, there are a few finishing touches for rooms for gardens that will make them look great.

Having dedicated spaces to put items keeps the room looking tidy. It can be as simple as having a little bowl to put your keys in – something that isn’t a necessity but adds a little extra to the whole room.

Choose wall decorations with quotes that mean something to you personally. Many people joke that “Live Laugh Love” has had its day, but if it makes you feel good, get it on your wall!

Signs that simply say “Home” or “Love” are easy to find and can give you a great sense of happiness and belonging. Who wouldn’t want a garden room that was welcoming?

For rooms for gardens, you can also find wall stickers that are nature-themed. It’s another excellent way to bring the outside in.

Finally, lighting is important for rooms for gardens just as it is rooms in homes. Think about where lights are located – do you have good, natural light, or will you need lamps, too?

Rooms for gardens can look great in the daytime, but they can be significantly different at night. Bring in a lamp or two to help with reading, relaxing, and any other activities that are likely to occur once the sun goes down.

Room design can be fun, and it’s easy to make your garden room feel special – even on a budget!

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