Log Cabins Cork – A log cabin can add many options to the way you live, work, and play, but how do you know which is the right one for you? You’ll find the log cabins Cork residents recommend in the Loghouse showroom at Hanley’s of Cork.

Log cabins are available in a wide range of sizes and styles and can be set up to use mains electricity, connect to your Wi-Fi, and even have bathrooms and kitchen areas.

The log cabins Cork residents recommend also have glazed windows and doors, making them great for people who love sitting in their garden in absolute comfort, allowing natural light to enter, and protecting you from the worst the weather can offer.

The Loghouse showroom at Hanley’s will give you the opportunity to see log cabins for yourself. You’ll get a good appreciation for the size and features of the cabins, and you’ll have the chance to ask the Loghouse log cabin experts any questions you may have.

The Loghouse showroom at Hanley’s of Cork is where log cabins are brought to life, with a wide range of designs from Ireland’s premier log cabin manufacturer and installer.

For interior design ideas for log cabins Cork residents use every day, visit the Loghouse showroom. We’re happy to talk through the many log cabins Cork residents recommend for their homes, and we know you’ll find one that is ideal for your home too.

The Log House Cabins Cork Homes Need

Even if you believe that your home is perfect, there’s always the chance to improve. What would you say to an extra garden room where you could follow your passion for a hobby? How about a home gym log cabin? If, like many people recently, you’ve started working from home – what would you give for a separate office area that wasn’t directly connected to the hustle and bustle of your home?

A gaming room for the kids (or yourself), a garden craft room, a log house yoga studio, an art studio, or just somewhere to relax and unwind with friends and family, the log cabins Cork residents install in their gardens can be used for almost any purpose.

Not every home is the same, so we offer a wide range of log cabins, but our team is ready to create a custom solution, should you need one. We offer the option of entirely bespoke log homes in Ireland, designed according to your specifications and requirements.

With a connection to mains services, you can have heating, lighting, hot and cold water, full bathroom facilities, and everything you need to make your log cabin feel like home.

If you feel like you’re running out of space or need an area dedicated to a particular purpose, a log cabin will help you achieve your goal.

Loghouse Log Cabins

Loghouse Log Cabins Cork Hanley’s of Cork, Frankfield, Cork, T12 C851 | Driving Directions

Reliable Log Cabins

At Loghouse, we have years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and building log cabins. We use the highest quality materials, which means you can be sure that your cabin will give you many years of service.

Built from renewable Scandinavian pine, the log house cabins Cork residents choose are eco-friendly. The benefits of using Scandinavian pine include a strong structure that can be relied on and natural building breathability.

This means that airflow is regulated by the timber itself, which leads to the internal environment being easy to maintain as the walls of the building act as insulation. Further insulation can be added, but the timber helps to keep the interior warm in colder weather and cool in warmer weather, minimizing the need for heating/cooling systems and thereby keeping the costs for keeping your cabin running low.

We believe in the quality of our log cabins and offer a 10-year structural guarantee with each one. With the peace of mind our guarantee provides, isn’t it time you considered getting a log cabin?

Log House Cabins Residents Recommend

Our log house cabins Cork residents recommend have been designed to be practical and functional, as well as being a pleasure to look at. You can decorate the exterior and interior as you choose, and with a variety of style options available, you can choose a log cabin that fits perfectly with the surrounding area.

Because we build every log cabin ourselves, we can guarantee you will receive the highest quality log cabin every time from beginning to end. Whether you want log cabins Cork customers use to get away from it all, for a specific purpose (such as a work-at-home log cabin office) or simply because you love the idea of having your own log cabin, Loghouse log cabins are your answer.

With Loghouse log cabins, you can pick and choose the features included. Who wouldn’t want a log cabin with everything they could possibly need? You can even add log cabin extensions to your home, or why not install some additional luxury features in your log cabin? A sauna or a hot tub is a possibility, making your log cabin the ultimate in indulgence.

A log cabin is a perfect space for you to get away from it all, no matter what “it” might be. Whether you want peace and quiet or a space to make as much noise as you want, our log cabins give you the options you need.

See Our Log Cabins for Yourself

A range of log cabins Cork residents will love can be found at Hanley’s in Cork. When the high quality of materials is combined with superior construction techniques, you’d think that our log cabins would be the best on the market – but there’s one more factor to consider.

Our log cabins are available at great prices, and log cabins financing options via humm are available (subject to status). This means that not only are these the garden room log cabins Cork residents recommend, they’re also the log cabins that Cork residents find kindest to their pockets!

If you want to see our log cabins for yourself, head on over to the Loghouse Showroom at Hanley’s Cork. You’ll find out everything you need to know about our fantastic log cabins, and, we’re sure you’ll find the log cabin you’ve always wanted.


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