Residential garden rooms are a fantastic way to add extra space to your home, but one of the most important questions often asked is, “Can I live in a one bed garden room?”

It might not be a question you are asking for yourself. A one bed garden room can seem like the perfect solution when your children are ready to move out of the family home but can’t necessarily afford a home of their own. It’s a great place to live to receive the support of the family while saving to get their first property.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, using a one bed garden room as a granny flat is also a great idea. Rooms for gardens allow independence, but the family is near enough to lend a hand should the need arise.

One bedroom garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular because of their affordability while still providing all the amenities you could want from your living space. Even if you opt for a standalone building in your garden, you can still connect mains electricity and other utilities, which means heating and lighting are possible. You can even install complete bathrooms and a kitchen area (see the suggested layout here), so a one bed garden room looks like an attractive proposition.

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Residential Garden Room?

With any addition to your home, planning permission for garden rooms is a vital consideration. The rules can vary across Ireland, and there may be local exceptions or additional rules in place.

The first place to check is with your local authority, as it is wise to confirm the requirements before beginning any project. That said, generally speaking, garden rooms or log cabins planning permission is not generally required for extensions if the original floor area of the house is not increased by more than 40 square metres, while separate buildings (i.e., log cabins) must be under a specific size to be exempt from planning permission requirements.

Typically, any building under 25 square metres in size and less than 3.9m high does not require planning permission when the building is constructed to the side or rear of your house.

However, planning permission and approval from other departments will be required if you or someone else will be sleeping in the log cabin. Sleeping in a one bed garden room turns it into a residential property, and certain building regulations must be adhered to.

If you will generate a rental income from the garden room, you may also need to register as a landlord. To fully understand the specifics, you will need to speak to the local authority – while some are stringent in their requirements, others may not be so strict.

We have years of experience in constructing log cabins and garden rooms of all types, so if you have any queries relating to the permissions needed or you require assistance with your planning application, please get in touch.

Loghouse One Bed Garden Room

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Does a One Bed Garden Room Need Insurance?

It’s always wise to protect any investment with insurance, and a one bedroom garden room is no different. For basic cover, you may find that your home insurance includes an outbuildings clause – but this might not provide the level of protection you need for a fully fitted-out garden room.

Every log cabin that we supply can be insured with structural and contents insurance. While you are free to find your own insurer, we are able to recommend several insurance brokers to our customers who offer great deals on insurance for log cabins and garden rooms. We’re happy to provide you with their contact details and offer you a consultation to better understand what insurance options are available.

Why Should You Choose Our Residential Garden Room?

As you know, we have years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing log cabins and garden rooms of all shapes and sizes. Our one bed garden room has been carefully designed to make the best use of space while providing all the facilities you need.

All our Eco Garden Rooms are made from SIP (Structural Insulated Panels), including insulation within the roof, floor, and walls. Furthermore, grey UPVC double glazed, living type windows and doors are standard, ensuring that the building retains as much heat as possible during the colder months.

Internal and external painting, electrical work, and plumbing are not included in the standard price, but our skilled team are happy to provide this service should it be required. The cost will be determined by the work you need but rest assured that we always offer cost-effective solutions.

Our Eco Garden Room range comes with thermally treated pine. This will require oiling to protect the structure, which you can take care of yourself, or we can provide as an optional extra.

Our one bed garden room offers everything you need to make the most of your living space. With a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, along with a lounge/dining area, you’ll have everything at your disposal for living comfortably.

Ireland’s Leading Garden Room Supplier

Our reviews speak for themselves – we’re consistently complimented on our skills and abilities, as well as the professionalism of our team. Not only that, but our cabins are also always noted as being top class products, so you can see how we’ve developed a reputation as Ireland’s leading garden room supplier.

We also work to ensure our one bed garden rooms are affordable – in fact, we have a best price guarantee. We are with you on your log cabin/garden room journey from start to end, and as we take care of every aspect in-house, we can offer the guaranteed best price for your one bed garden room in the market.

Combined with the available financing options and our standard 10-year structural guarantee, there are no barriers left that prevent you from getting the garden room you want.

Please get in touch with one of our team today to discuss the process and to let us know what you need – whether it’s a one-bed garden room or one of our other log cabins!



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