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  1. Be Comfortable in Your Garden with your own personal Room for Hobbies
  2. The Lifestyle Benefits of a Hobby Room
  3. Why a Garden Room For Hobbies is Important
  4. Planning Your Garden Hobby Room
  5. Relax With a Garden Hobby Room

With new restrictions affecting daily life, a garden hobby room may be the ideal way to relax and escape the worries and stress of a world trapped in COVID lockdown. While there are regular changes, it seems that life may never return to the way it once was.

A garden room for hobbies will allow you to spend time working on and playing with the things you love. You’ll feel a boost to your mental health and will be able to indulge in your favourite hobby whenever you want to.


Be Comfortable in Your Garden with your own personal Room for Hobbies

At Loghouse Garden Rooms, we construct our garden hobby rooms from insulated panels and include UPVC doors and windows. This means that the completed rooms not only look great but also provide protection against the weather outside.

The insulation keeps the room warm in winter, and cool in summer, giving you the ideal conditions to pursue your hobby in comfort.

The interior can be decorated in any way you choose, and adding laminate flooring delivers the final finishing touch. Depending on what your hobby is, you can furnish the room as you see fit – tables, comfortable chairs, whatever you need.

With the addition of plumbing and electricity, you can use your garden hobby room at any time of day or night, and you can even include a small kitchen – you can make yourself a cuppa without ever leaving your hobby room!

The Lifestyle Benefits of a Hobby Room

Hobbies come in all shapes and sizes. You might enjoy knitting, painting, building models, playing a musical instrument, or even creating sculptures. Whatever you do, having a dedicated space to follow your passion will be worthwhile.

All your equipment and supplies can be stored in one place, and there’s no chance of anything going missing or being broken because of the life that goes on around it. You won’t need to secure the corner of a room in your home as a stronghold for everything needed for your hobby, and you won’t need to tidy up afterwards.

If you’re a painter who is used to working at the kitchen table, you won’t need to move your canvas before the next meal or make sure the cat doesn’t walk across your latest masterpiece. If you’re a musician, it doesn’t matter how much room your instrument stand takes up, and if you use an amplifier the cables won’t be in anyone’s way.

A garden room for hobbies allows you the space to indulge yourself and fully immerse yourself into your hobby, avoiding the pressures that come from trying to do it within your house, and giving you the chance to relax and enjoy life again.


Why a Garden Room For Hobbies is Important

Hobbies are now more important than they have ever been before. In years gone by, especially before the advent of the internet, hobbies were a great way to pass the time – you couldn’t instant-message your friends, you couldn’t let time pass as you browsed Facebook or played the latest mobile game. They also allowed you to develop skills and relax.

Because our time has become filled with “things”, including a 24-hour news cycle, many people don’t dedicate so much time to their hobbies, or even have a hobby at all. This has led to a decline in mental health as people no longer take time out to do things for themselves.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation has become worse. Even though people have been isolating at home, staying indoors because of lockdown restrictions, the news cycle has intensified and people have suffered due to the feeling of being forced to stay indoors. And when other members of your family are in the same situation (and the same building) it can be hard to distract yourself with a hobby.

hobby room in your garden provides a space outside of your home that you can enter and leave as you choose. It’s always ready for you to get on with the things you love, and because you aren’t “trapped” in the room, you feel the freedom to relax and do something that benefits your mental health.

Planning Your Garden Hobby Room

Our eco garden rooms are available in a range of sizes but most will find the 4m x 3m garden hobby room ideal for most hobbies – even model railways and wargaming! If you feel that you need something out of the ordinary, our team are ready to talk to you and help you to design the perfect home for your hobbies.

Because a Loghouse garden room is entirely separate from your home, you have the space available to do whatever you want. You can make the internal layout work for you and not consider how anybody else might want to use it – this is impossible in a bedroom, kitchen, or other room of your home. Even a “spare room” doesn’t give the same possibilities as a garden room as they are usually one of the smaller rooms in the house and are susceptible to easy interruptions from the other people who live there.

Of course, interruptions aren’t stopped by simply moving your hobby to a garden room, but it takes more effort to walk across the garden to cause an interruption. Many potential interruptions can be easily avoided because of this.

Relax With a Hobby Room In Your Garden

With or without the issues that have been COVID, a hobby room in your garden has always been a great addition to your home. With no clear end in sight and with the potential of restrictions returning or increasing at any time, now is the time to ensure you have the space you need to relax and enjoy your hobbies.

Loghouse eco garden rooms will provide you with the space you need to enjoy your hobby, and you’ll never feel encumbered by restrictions when you can use your hobby room as a way to escape. Our Eco Garden Outdoor Rooms are made with SIPs technology – read our latest blog post to discover the Benefits of SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) construction for Outdoor Rooms.

Make time in your schedule for your hobby, and make room in your garden for a hobby room – you’ll be so glad that you did.