Loghouse offer the GUARANTEED BEST PRICE in the Irish Log Cabin Market for custom designed and built log cabins. We provide the finest log cabins Ireland has seen that are suitable for a multitude of uses.

These aren’t American-style log cabins that you’ll find hidden away in the woods – instead, our log cabins are functional buildings that can add value to your life in many different ways. If you need extra space to live, to work, to exercise, or just to have fun, log cabins can provide that space in a stylish and comfortable way with a guaranteed best price that cannot be beaten.

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About Loghouse

Creating your dream log cabin from our state-of-the-art factory, Loghouse was established in Ireland in 2007 with a passion to create log cabins for anyone who wanted one. We wanted to provide cabins that suited the environment they would be used in, and so the basic specification for every log cabin includes damp proof membranes along with extra seals and sealant to ensure that the harsh and changeable Irish climate has a minimal effect on the buildings.

We’re highly experienced at installing log cabins in many varied locations with over 3000 installations to date across Ireland. Our designers and architects offer bespoke or custom log cabins to satisfy every need, and they work in unison with our fantastic sales associates and project managers which is why you get the guaranteed best price possible. From conceptualisation to final finished product, we’ll take care of you every step of the way. This full creation management is handled in-house which allows us to offer the GUARANTEED BEST PRICE in the Irish Log Cabin Market.

We are part of a larger group that supplies log cabins to over 20 countries across the European Union, so you can be certain that every log cabin we build is of the very highest quality.

We back this up with a ten-year guarantee for your peace of mind, and everyone who works on your log cabin project is highly trained along with being safety certified and bonded. The longevity of your log cabin is assured due to our building techniques which include the use of specialised foundations that are designed to keep dampness away from the structure of the building.

In addition to this, we practice CPD (Continuous Professional Development) as part of our commitment to stay up to date with the newest ideas, standards and techniques within the log cabin and construction industries. This allows us to use the latest most efficient and effective techniques to give you the best possible log cabin experience.

Furthermore, this efficiency allows us to provide the guaranteed best price in the Irish log cabin market, which is something that every customer can appreciate.

We also aim to do everything we can for the environment and all the timber we use in the construction of our log cabins is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Cabins are built from Scandinavian pine, well known for its strength and durability. Loghouse manufactures all parts of the cabin from structural components to doors and windows, eliminating a reliance on outside suppliers, thereby increasing the ability for us to control the quality and delivery time of the final product.

All the timber we use is treated and milled by the finest German-made machinery to the highest of tolerances. No timber is wasted as even offcuts are used in glue laminate manufacturing – and sawdust is reconstituted into wood pellets for stoves.

Loghouse is a company that cares for the environment, our customers, and your satisfaction.

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What Loghouse do

Simply put, Loghouse provides the log cabins Ireland wants with an appropriate level of design and construction to give the GUARANTEED BEST PRICE in the Irish Log Cabin Market for each customer.

We offer a range of styles, shapes, and sizes of standard log cabins that can be manufactured and supplied in the form of a DIY kit, or we can give you access to our team of skilled carpenters who can erect the log cabin for you.

But that’s not all – we know every customer is unique and has their own individual requirements, so we are able to customise our standard cabins to perfectly suit your needs. If that’s not quite enough, we can even design a new cabin for you from scratch to ensure it fits in the space you have available and fulfils the requirements you specify.

Our complete service includes designing, manufacturing, delivery, installation of foundations and building of the log cabin. We’ll liaise with electricians and other professionals to ensure that mains connections can be installed as necessary, and the final finished log cabin will be ready to use as soon as possible.

Whatever option you choose – from standard design to fully bespoke installation – you can be certain that Loghouse offer the guaranteed best price in the Irish log cabins market.

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Uses for a log cabin

A log cabin provides extra space in your home environment which makes log cabins a great option to explore if you are considering building a home extension. Everything from a playroom for the kids to a home gym is possible, or even just a place to sit and relax in peace and quiet.

The interior of a log cabin is similar to a traditional brick-built house, and mains services including electric, water, heating etc can be connected, making the log cabin just as comfortable as your main residence – but that’s not all.

Because the log cabin can be designed to your specification, you can use it for almost anything. Working from home in a dedicated space is a possibility, while entrepreneurs will find having a base to run their business from a boon – you can even use a log cabin as a beauty salon.

Outside of the home, log cabins can be used by sports clubs as clubhouses or changing rooms, and businesses can add a little quirkiness by using a log cabin as a reception area. It will certainly make an impression that lasts on any visitors.

From meeting places to storage areas to games rooms, the only limit is your imagination. Remember, Loghouse prices are the guaranteed best price in the Irish log cabin market, so if you’re looking for the finest log cabins Ireland has to offer, Loghouse can service your every need.

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