Log Cabin Interior Paint Ideas – Choosing your log cabin was only the beginning – now you get to choose how to decorate it! Log cabin interior paint ideas can vary depending on the style you are going for. If your log cabin has a rustic theme, you’ll probably choose different colours than if you’ve got a more modern finish in mind. Interior paint colours should be chosen accordingly to help create the desired look.

If you already have a log cabin home and are decorating it now, you can try different ideas to find the perfect one. This article will give you some log cabin interior paint ideas and details of how you can paint your walls as well as some Log Cabin Interior Design ideas !

Should you paint inside a log cabin?

Yes, absolutely! You don’t need to paint the interior of a log cabin as it isn’t exposed directly to the elements. Painting or staining outside is a great idea to protect your cabin against the weather, but inside is a different matter. Of course, when the sun shines brightly, it will shine through the windows on the cabin and could affect the interior walls, but this isn’t too big a concern.

However, painting for decorative effect is vital if you want to get the most out of your log cabin. Log cabins have a natural appeal, so painting the interior log walls can help maintain this look while adding character and warmth. You can use log cabin paint ideas for inspiration and choose interior log wall paints that complement your log cabin roof, the external walls, and any furniture inside.


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What colours go well in a log cabin?

The first choice you need to make will be the colours you want to use on the interior walls. As log cabins are made from wood, log cabin interior paint colours should be chosen to complement the log style. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to log cabin wall paints in traditional natural or log colours. Interior paint ideas are purely for inspiration. There are no hard and fast rules about the colours you should choose.

More often than not, log cabin interiors are decorated in warmer tones. As log cabins are inviting places to relax and unwind, it can be important for the interior walls to reflect this. However, not every cabin is built to relax in – some are used as home office garden rooms , home gym log cabins or Garden Snooker Rooms. In these cases, the interior paint ideas you choose should be more stimulating or modern.

Remember to think about furniture colours when choosing log cabin interior paint colours. After all, your cabin is not just made up of walls – there are also floors and pieces of furniture to consider!

Log cabins generally have spacious rooms, benefiting from lighter interior paint colours. Colours such as white and cream can really open a log cabin up, making it appear brighter and more inviting. These colours also enhance the feeling of space, helping to make a log cabin look bigger than it may actually be.

Work environments benefit from greys and light blues. At the same time, spaces designed for exercise should be decorated with colours that are more energising such as bright blues, greens and even bright orange. These shades can work well because they stimulate the senses and are invigorating.

Where can you find inspiration?

To begin with, you can look through the images on our website. You’ll see log cabins decorated in different styles throughout, From Home Bar Ideas and Designs to Modern Garden Room Ideas

Inspiration can come from items you have within your cabin. Perhaps your furniture is a particular style, or you have ornaments with certain colours that stand out. It’s a great idea to paint the walls of your log cabin in colours that complement them.

Printed magazines are another good way to find interior paint ideas. You might not find log-cabin-specific ideas, but any interior design can translate well to a log cabin.


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How do you paint the inside of a log cabin?

Wooden walls are highly absorbent, so log cabin interior paint will need to be applied in two or more coats. With all Log Cabins for Sale ,the walls should be prepared properly before painting to ensure that log cabin painting will last.

The log surfaces need to be smooth to ensure the log cabin interior paint adheres as well as possible. Small holes and gaps can be patched using filler, specifically designed for log homes. Any rough areas should be sanded until smooth.

You may need to use a wood primer if the log walls are particularly porous, as this will help counteract the log wall absorbency.

Be sure to allow each coat to dry before the next one is applied, and remember that log cabin walls may stain even after they have been painted. You can use specialist paints that are washable to ensure the finish remains good for the longest possible time.

Start by removing any furniture from the room and covering electrical sockets with tape and plastic sheets. Ensure you use a ladder when painting above shoulder height to avoid accidents.

Paint one wall at a time, and ensure you get paint into all the corners and edges.

What should I paint the inside of my log cabin with?

Due to its natural texture, timber may appear even to the naked eye. Still, it will have slight variations across the surface. Painting with a roller is therefore not recommended as the rigidness of the roller may simply skip over these variations. It’s better to use a brush and work the paint where needed.

As for the paint itself, you can use almost any kind of paint. Most wall paint available these days is acrylic or water-based, and it’s fine to use either. There are a few things to consider when choosing log cabin interior paint, however:

  • If you choose log cabin wall paints with a matt finish, log cabin interiors will retain more of the natural look and feel.
  • Log cabin wall paints in gloss or semi-gloss finishes produce a more ‘plasticky’ look, so matt log cabin wall paints might be your best option if you want a cosier log cabin interior.
  • Kitchen or bathroom paint is designed to wipe clean. If you’re worried about scuffs, handprints, or paw prints, choosing this type of paint might be best, even in rooms outside your log cabin bathroom or kitchen!

Log cabin interior paint ideas are endless, so it’s up to you what you choose. It comes down to your personal preference and the feeling you want when using each room.

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