What’s the difference between a log cabin and a loghouse? More than you might think! We are Loghouse.ie, the real Loghouse brand in Ireland. Many other companies offering log cabins for sale have adopted the term loghouse as part of their own brand, attempting to turn it into a generic word that can be used interchangeably with “log cabin”.

But to be clear, there’s a significant difference between a log house and a Loghouse.ie LOG HOUSE.

Log Cabins for Sale with the Loghouse.ie Difference

We’ve worked long and hard to develop a reputation as the premier producer of log cabins in Ireland, and many things set us apart from our competitors. We are the largest log cabin supplier in Ireland with four separate showrooms across Dublin and Cork, but we’re not the only company that offers log cabins for sale in Ireland.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best option for log cabins.


Choose a Business with a Great Reputation

In most businesses, reputation is everything. If a business develops a bad reputation, people won’t buy from them, and the business will gradually fail. On the other hand, if a business builds a great reputation, there has to be a reason for it – their products are the best, their customer service is above and beyond, they’ll always deliver on time and exceed your expectations.

Our reputation at Loghouse.ie is exceptional. We have over 100,000 followers on Facebook and other social media platforms, and over 400 reviews and testimonials to prove the quality of the service we provide. The log cabins for sale through our website and showrooms are shown to be of the highest standard through our Loghouse reviews and followers.

Find a Loghouse Company with a Strong History of Log Cabins for Sale

Experience counts for a lot in the log cabin industry. It means the difference between being able to effectively design a log cabin that meets your needs, connecting it to mains supplies for lighting, heating, and water, and doing it all with ease – and falling at the first hurdle.

We are one of the longest established businesses with log cabins for sale in Ireland. Originally established in 2007, we’ve seen every problem that could arise when building a log cabin and know how to tackle the issues if they come up again.

A new business that was established in the last few months won’t have the knowledge that we possess and might not be able to deliver the exceptional results we pride ourselves on.

Make Sure There is After Sales Support

Once your log cabin is in place, you might think that’s the end of the story. In many cases, it is, and you can enjoy your cabin for years to come – but what happens if you have a question? What if a problem comes up and you don’t know how to deal with it?

Loghouse.ie has a dedicated after-sales/customer care department, so whatever your concern is, we are here to help. From simple things like what type of paint to use, to more in-depth questions about the structure of the cabin or the best way to protect the finish, we are here to help.

If you have any concerns, we’re happy to put your mind at ease. However, many other companies don’t have a loghouse after-sales team, and you’re left to find solutions on your own. Which way would you rather do it?


Choose a Comprehensive Service

From your point of view, you want a log cabin. Loghouse.ie has log cabins for sale, and so do several other businesses – how do you choose? Many log cabin companies will promise the earth but aren’t able to deliver what they promise, and it’s all down to being able to only offer a partial service.

We provide a fully comprehensive service on all log cabins for sale. We offer design services, manufacturing services, delivery services, and erection services – plus we’ll get you connected to the mains supply, so if you have heating, a bathroom, a kitchen, or anything else within your cabin, it will all be working by the time we’ve finished.

And there is one of the important factors – time. Some log cabin companies do not manufacture their own cabins and must wait for their supplier to make them. Then someone else delivers them, another company or contractor puts them up, and several other companies and contractors are involved in connecting the mains supply and finishing it all off.

If there is a delay with any of the companies, it has a knock-on effect with every other aspect of completing your log cabin installation.

All works related to your log cabin from Loghouse.ie are carried out in-house, and no subcontractors are used. This means that we are not waiting for anyone else and can continuously monitor the level of service we provide, which results in a faster and higher quality service all round.

Make Sure There’s Insurance!

What happens if a problem comes up during the installation of the log cabin? At Loghouse.ie, we’re fully insured and bonded. There’s nothing for you to worry about, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are dealing with a reputable and responsible company.

Always check that any company with log cabins for sale has insurance!

Check the Guarantee

Every log cabin for sale from Loghouse.it is backed up with a ten-year guarantee. The longevity of your log cabin is assured due to the skill of our team members and the building techniques we use.

If your log cabin doesn’t have a 10-year guarantee, is it really a loghouse log cabin?

Stay Environmentally Friendly

You might think that log cabins are by their nature environmentally friendly. After all, wood doesn’t cause problems with the environment in the same way that plastic does!

However, using trees from forests that are not sustainable can cause major problems. We do everything we can for the environment as all the timber used to build our log cabins is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We use sustainable Scandinavian pine, and even use offcuts in glue laminate manufacturing. Nothing is wasted with our log cabins.

Pricing of Log Cabins for Sale

Compare us to any other log cabin company, and you’ll see that Loghouse.ie offers the guaranteed best price in the Irish log cabin market. Price may be a deciding factor when you’re looking at log cabins for sale, and by choosing Loghouse.ie you know you’ll be getting the best quality log cabin for a great price.

You can always be certain that you made the right choice by choosing Loghouse.ie

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