When you have any kind of room your choice of decor it will set the tone for how people feel inside the room. This is no different in a log cabin or a mansion – the way you decorate your rooms has an impact.

Among all the decorating ideas for log cabins, one of the more popular “looks” to go for is a rustic style. The rustic theme lends itself well to a log cabin as the wooden construction of a log cabin hints at the design features that can be incorporated.

Decorating Ideas for Log Cabins

The aesthetic of rustic decoration includes many natural materials, so exposed wood is expected, as are other materials such as stone and brick. Constructing a kitchen with stone worksurfaces inside a log cabin is a nod to rustic style and can be very effective.

Add in a few checked or striped fabrics, and you are well on the way to bridging the gap from rustic to farmhouse-style.

The rustic look can be enhanced with other natural materials including wicker, which can be used for furniture, light shades, or simply just baskets for storage. Bringing plants inside for a touch of greenery can offset the darker natural tones of grey and brown often found in rustic décor, creating a natural focal point.

Of course, decorating ideas for log cabins are not just limited to a rustic theme. The beauty of a modern log cabin is that it can be decorated in the style of your choosing to suit your needs.

With a custom-designed and built log cabin from Loghouse, everything is tailored to your needs and requirements. Rustic decoration is a broad area of design, and with a few simple changes, you can totally switch the mood of any room inside your log cabin.


Keep it Simple

Decorating ideas for log cabins that are deemed “rustic” can have quite some variance. As noted above, including certain patterns on fabrics can turn rustic into farmhouse, and your choice of furniture can also alter the mood of your log cabin.

For example, choosing a wooden table with bare wooden chairs will enhance the feeling of “farmhouse”, but choosing to install comfortable plush sofas and chairs in a living room while maintaining other aspects of rustic design provides another impression. The room will be more akin to a mountain lodge that overlooks ski slopes but could still be considered rustic.

Simple and small changes can entirely change the aesthetic of the room and it is always a good idea to have a plan of how you want the room to look before you begin.

Choosing Your Colour Scheme

Rustic rooms are expected to contain natural colours as noted above, with browns and greys often taking centre stage. But just as the green of a plant can bring a splash of colour to your room, accessories, furniture, and even lampshades can make an impact. And of course, you can always paint the walls!

Within a modern log cabin, any kind of decoration is possible, but if you choose to continue with a rustic theme finding the right colour scheme can be helpful.

Darker tones can be calming, but if you’re aiming for more of an “olde worlde” theme you may want to take a look at pastel shades. Duck egg blue, for example, was a popular choice in elegant homes around the start of the 18th century and pairing it with comfortable seating will deliver a sense of class.

If historical accuracy isn’t high on your list of priorities, remember that colours can also affect the mood of a room. It is common to choose blues and creams, along with other calming colours, in bathrooms or places that you want to relax.

Colours such as red and orange are more energizing, and so should be avoided in bedrooms as the energy of the room may work to keep you awake – however, if the room is to be used as a gym, you might need all the energy you can muster!

Your Log Cabin is What You Make It

A log cabin from Loghouse is an entirely modern building that is ready for any kind of decoration you choose. You can do anything from paint to wallpaper, stonework surfaces to stainless steel, carpets to laminate floors, all finished off with rugs, curtains, and furniture as you choose.

Your log cabin is an extension to your home, your own personal gym, a place for relaxation, a place for partying, a place for the kids to enjoy or perhaps a Home Office Log Cabin. It can be anything you want it to be, and the way you choose to decorate it should match your intended use.

Gathering decorating ideas for log cabins from everywhere you can and eliminating what you dislike while building a strong idea of what you do like is the way forward. Using different elements in different rooms will give you the widest range of options, but as always, the choice is yours.

The way in which your log cabin is decorated can be changed and updated at any time, but if you begin with a clear vision of what you wish to achieve, it will be easier in the long run.


Saving Your Decorating Ideas for Log Cabins

Make lists and collect colour swatches. Go old school and create a scrapbook or take the modern route and use Pinterest to collect as many images as possible that match the look you want to create. The more you find, the more you will be inspired, and the clearer your vision will be.

Decorating a log cabin is as simple as decorating any room in your home, and a log cabin from Loghouse will be designed in a way that meets your needs like no other building could. Make the most of the space you have available and create an interior space that appeals to you and your family.

Decorating your Loghouse log cabin allows you to express yourself with virtually no limits to what you can achieve.

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