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  1. Where did the phrase “She Shed” come from?
  2. How much does a She Shed cost?
  3. Do you need planning permission for a She Shed?
  4. What is a good size for a She Shed?
  5. How Can I Decorate my She Shed?
  6. Can I put a bathroom in my She Shed?
  7. How do I find a supplier?

For years, sheds have been the retreat of choice for men at home. It’s a place to prepare things for the garden, a place to make repairs, but most of all, a place to relax. The majority of these spaces are just simple garden sheds – but now it’s time for the ladies to fight back!

A significant difference with a She Shed is that they are often specifically designed for the task at hand. They’re not recommissioned potting sheds but rather custom-built log cabins that allow a range of activities to take place in comfort. With their location in the garden, they are still ideal for potting plants and other small gardening tasks, but a She Shed also lends itself to crafting, practicing yoga, and a multitude of other options.

A She Shed garden room is a luxurious retreat for women, providing them with the same space to get away from it all that men have enjoyed for years. They offer a place of their own in which they can feel free and at ease – just as shed should be!

How Can I Decorate my She Shed

Where did the phrase “She Shed” come from?

The phrase “She Shed” was popularised by the book “Men Are From Mars; Women Are From Venus“, which was published in 1992. It is shown as a contrast to the “man cave”, a space for men to enjoy their gadgets, games, and hobbies. A man cave could indeed be a shed, or sometimes a room within the home that allows the man to do as he pleases.

She Sheds offer the same opportunity for women to get away from the chaos of home or work, perhaps indulging in hobbies too.

A She Shed can be a place to retreat when you need some time on your own. Whatever the reason may be, it’s always helpful to have an escape space in your garden just waiting for you!

How much do She Sheds cost?

The cost of a She Shed varies depending on the size and complexity, and they certainly cost more than a potting shed – but the two buildings aren’t really comparable.

It’s almost like a home away from home, and an essential part of any She Shed is some form of heating. The shed can be connected to mains supplies for electricity and water, making the space so wonderfully usable. She Sheds, similar to Outdoor Playhouses, Man Caves and Garden Snooker Rooms can be built with insulation included, and for those made from timber, the wood will provide a level of natural insulation already. This will keep out noise while retaining warmth during colder months.

Prices for She Sheds start at around €3000, and financing options are available.

Where did the phrase “She Sheds” come from

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Do you need planning permission for She Sheds?

The planning rules are set by your local authority and so may vary slightly from area to area. This means it is always worth checking with the planning office as to whether you need planning permission for any structure built on your land.

Generally speaking, if you are building a She Shed at the back of your house, there is no need to apply for planning permission if the area of the structure is  25 square metres or less.

For something larger than this, you will most likely need planning permission – but again, it is essential to check with your local authority as to precisely what they require.

Our team are experienced in obtaining planning permission for garden rooms, and we’re happy to help you complete the process should permission be required.

What is a good size for a She Shed?

It depends entirely on the activities you want to do – yoga, exercise, crafting, relaxing, reading, or anything else.

Similar to a Garden Room Home Gym, yoga practitioners will benefit from having enough room for the use of mats and exercise equipment. The same goes for crafters who need their materials close by or people who love relaxing in peace with access to some greenery surrounding them – they will need plenty of natural light too.

The size may also depend on what your needs are going to be in the future. It’s always better to have a little more space than you need so you won’t need to worry about starting a new hobby or project.

Man Caves for Women

How Can I Decorate my She Shed?

Decorating a She Shed interior can be done in any way you like. There are plenty of options for decorating your shed, and it’s often up to personal preference what you choose. One way is to extend the feeling of being in the garden by bringing the outside in – just add some plants inside the She Shed.

Another idea would be to paint one wall in bright colours. This will give some personality to your shed, but you might also consider other types of wallcovering.

Laminate flooring can be installed, and you might include a decorative rug. The choice is entirely up to you, as this is a space you can customize to your individual needs.

Can I put a bathroom in my She Shed?

Yes, you can! You can also include a kitchen and even a bedroom if you want extra space to relax. As the She Shed can be connected to the water supply, you can have every convenience you need in your shed.

If you’re crafting and need to clean up afterwards, running water is very useful. Similarly, creating a bathroom can save the journey back to the house if you need the toilet.

And if you want a warm drink, kitchen facilities keep the process contained within the She Shed.

Do you need planning permission for She Sheds

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How do I find a supplier?

If you want to find out more about getting your own She Shed or Garden Hobby Room, please get in touch with the team at Loghouse log cabins. We provide a comprehensive service from start to finish, including design, manufacture, delivery, and construction.

Even if you need a custom She Shed, we’re ready to help with all your needs – so there really is no excuse not to get started today!

Get your own space to enjoy time away from it all, and build a She Shed Garden Room in your home space. Contact us now to get started.

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