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  1. Why Choose a Log Cabin as an Outdoor Playhouse in Ireland?
  2. What Can You Do in an Outdoor Playhouse in Ireland?
  3. A Kid’s Cave Provides Safety
  4. Why Not Build an Extension?
  5. How to Get Your Own Kid’s Cave Outdoor Playhouse In Ireland

No matter how large or small your home is, there have likely been times when you’ve wanted a little more space. Possessions have a way of spilling over from one room to another, and when it comes to toys and games, kids have a way of spreading them further than you ever thought possible.

Man caves have been a popular choice to prevent adults from causing the same problem – keeping all the items associated with a project or hobby in one place. Log cabins are the outdoor playhouse Ireland families need to keep the kids entertained!


Why Choose a Log Cabin as an Outdoor Playhouse in Ireland?

There are several reasons to have an outdoor playhouse and even more reasons as to why it should be a log cabin.

When your little ones start playing with their toys and games, they really have a passion for it. They don’t want to stop playing (and who can blame them?) but when it’s bedtime, it can become a problem. If the toys aren’t in the bedroom but are instead in an outdoor playhouse, the temptation to play is reduced.

There’s also a reduced chance that toys will be scattered around the home as play goes on during the day. Of course, not all toys and games work that way anymore – games consoles have quickly become established as the most played-with items. If they’re not in the bedroom, they’ll either be hooked up to the main family TV or occupying space on your dinner table – it’s time to claim that space back!

This is where a small log cabin can come into its own. They are not to be confused with the little wooden garden playhouses that you may have played in when you were a child, these are real buildings that serve as an extension to the space available in your home.

Connection to electricity, lighting, plumbing, heating, and wi-fi make log cabins a home from home, and there’s no issue with getting your console or computer connected. A playhouse wouldn’t provide the protection from the elements that electronic devices (and your kids) need.

What Can You Do in an Outdoor Playhouse in Ireland?

You can do anything you want in a log cabin from Loghouse. Think of it as another room (or several rooms) in addition to the rooms in your home. The building is weatherproof and can include as many options as you want.

With lighting and heating installed, it can be used all year round, even when it gets dark early. Insulation can easily be built-in, and with the natural properties of the Scandinavian pine that we use to build cabins, the playhouse will be warm in winter and cool in summer.

When kids play in your home, they’re never going to be quiet. With a log cabin kid’s cave, they don’t need to be. All their favourite items are in one place, and they can have as much fun as they want without disrupting the other occupants of the home.

You’ll be able to free up space in your home that was previously reserved for kid’s activities, and they can even have their own TV in their outdoor playhouse. For the ultimate in flexibility, a small log cabin can even be used as a quiet place for them to get on with their homework – as long as they promise not to play with the toys that are in there!


A Kid’s Cave Provides Safety

You know that you’re happier when you know your children are safe, and an outdoor playhouse is a better option than wondering what your kids are up to. They might have gone down the street to visit a friend, or perhaps have headed to the woods to build somewhere to camp out until teatime – a kid’s cave gives the ideal meeting spot and gives them a little personal space away from their family.

However, there are no worries about them falling out of trees or hurting themselves, and they’ll only ever be a few steps from home. They can be back inside for food and snacks as quick as you like, and the only complaint you’ll get is when it’s finally bedtime.

A kid’s cave is like a secret base for your children, perfectly safe, wonderfully comfortable, and ideal for keeping the kids from getting under your feet.

Why Not Build an Extension?

Another option for giving your kids somewhere to play is to build an extension. In most cases, a small log cabin won’t need planning permission (although you should always check with the local authority) whereas an extension will often need planning permission.

There’s a lot to consider with an extension – foundations, how it connects to the main house, the disruption caused by building it. And even when it’s done, you’ll still have the issues of toys and games spreading out from the new room into the rest of the house.

At Loghouse, we can manage your project from start to end and build a log cabin for your children to play in while causing the minimum amount of disruption to your daily life. There’ll be no gaping holes in your house walls while we fit new doors – a log cabin is a completely separate building, and we can even decorate it for you to finish it off.

Imagine a cosy room full of your kid’s favourite furnishings, everything they want to play with all in one space, packed with as much technology as they can use, ready for action at any time of the year. An extension simply won’t provide the same fun for you kids – or the same peace and space for you.


How to Get Your Own Kid’s Cave Outdoor Playhouse In Ireland

All you need to do is to contact us, and we’ll guide you through the process of choosing a log cabin and getting it built at your home. Our Loghouse team has expertise in all aspects of the procedure, and we’ll be able to advise on how to best get your log cabin set up and ready for the fun to begin.

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