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Log cabins Ireland recommends, are a popular choice for many people due to their multitude of uses. A log cabin can be as flexible as any room in your home when it comes to interior design, and how you choose to decorate a log cabin is often a matter of personal preference.

There are many different trends that come and go for interior design, so it can be hard to keep up with what is currently “in” – here’s our take on some of the top interior design trends for 2021 to decorate a log cabin.

Close to Nature

A current interior design trend is to bring the outside inside. Wood flooring, neutral colours, plants and flowers (or decorative patterns that mimic plants) are the order of the day.

Decorations and ornaments are often made from wood, rock, and natural fibres.

This manner of design can lead to a great sense of wellbeing, making a room extremely relaxing to sit in. Not necessarily ideal if you use your log cabin as a home gym, but great for some “me” time.

Strong Patterns

Minimalist designs have led to a rejection of patterns over recent years, but they are now making a comeback with a vengeance thanks to the “maximalist” design trend.

Traditional design says that you should never mix checked patterns and stripes, but the latest trends completely reverse this – mixing checked patterns with stripes is now actively encouraged!

It’s an even more exciting way to decorate a log cabin when you mix these patterns with strong colours, but you can vary it between different spaces. If your cabin incorporates a bedroom, tone it down a little, but if you want a room full of energy, just go wild!

Speaking of strong colours…

Primary Colours

Using primary colours is a design trend that is gaining traction in 2021. Painting a feature wall in a single primary colour can look fantastic, and using accessories to complement the look also works well.

It can add that little extra sparkle to a room that may also have wooden furniture and wooden or laminate flooring.

Don’t use every primary colour, as this will lead to a disjointed look. Using throws, lamp shades, or anything else to use the primary colour as an accent also works well, especially as…

Grey is Here to Stay

Contrasting with primary colours and the maximalist movement, grey (and dark shades of other colours) gives a sharp, almost industrial look to any room.

Choosing paint, wallpaper, and accessories that all match with the colour theme can lead to a relaxing space. Spice it up with little ornaments that provide a shock of colour – aquamarine or orange can work well, or alternatively add a few plants. The greenery breaks up areas of solid dark colours nicely.

Rustic…with a twist!

When many people hear “log cabin” they immediately think of rustic decor. Modern log cabins that you can have in your own garden are often far from rustic, but that hasn’t stopped the Rustic Vogue design trend from gathering momentum.

The key factor to getting the most out of this trend is to decorate a log cabin with reclaimed wood. Rough-looking surfaces, weathered features, and other rustic elements are combined with modern features – for example, if you use a computer in your log cabin, placing it on a desk made of reclaimed wood is a perfect example of the juxtaposition required to pull off the Rustic Vogue look.

If you do have some older furniture available, there’s another design trend you may want to try…


Old is New Again

Vintage is making a comeback, but possibly from longer ago than ever before. While retro styling has been all the rage for quite some time, vintage antique furniture is now where it’s at – including repurposed and salvaged pieces.

From something as simple as a chair that has been upgraded with a new covering to taking the guts out of an antique radio to turn it into a Bluetooth speaker, refreshing old ideas to decorate a log cabin gives you a sense of comfort with all the modern conveniences available.

If you already have a passion for shabby chic interior design, you may find that you want to decorate a log cabin in this way too. There’s a certain amount of crossover between the two styles, and upcycling is a great way of saving original pieces from possible destruction.


Based on a Danish design style, hygge is an interior design trend that many people are falling in love with. It is derived from a Danish word that indicates comfort or cosiness, but not in the traditional sense – rather, it is the feeling you get when you are comfortable or cosy, not a description of the decor itself.

That said, Hygge design is often demonstrated by using lush textures and warm colours. In a log cabin, you might choose to paint the walls in earthy hues like browns and oranges.

Ultimately, designers believe that Hygge design is about creating an atmosphere of cosiness and warmth using natural materials such as wood, woollen blankets or even sheepskin rugs. It’s almost rustic, but not quite – and remember, it’s the feeling you are going for.

If you don’t feel hygge, then you’re doing it wrong!

Eco-Friendly Design

It’s a fact that log cabins from Loghouse are already eco-friendly by their very nature. Built from sustainable Scandinavian pine, the natural insulation created by the wood reduces energy and heating bills – but that doesn’t stop you from choosing to decorate a log cabin in an eco-friendly way too.

Natural and reclaimed items work well, and plants are vital. Wherever possible, use wallpaper made from recycled paper, and use water-based paints.

There is no colour scheme to adhere to, no specific design to achieve. You simply need to make good choices and choose to use items and products that have the minimum environmental impact possible.


How Will You Decorate Your Log Cabin?

There are so many different ways you can approach decorating a log cabin that it can be almost impossible to choose. The best course of action is to choose your favourite design trend of 2021, and simply get started!

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