Did you know that a garden room can boost your productivity when working from home? Working from home is becoming more common and more desirable, but most people don’t have a home that is already set up for work. Garden rooms are an ideal choice, but the garden office Ireland needs just doesn’t exist in many homes.

A garden office log cabin can provide the perfect environment to get work done, with plenty of natural light and fresh air. But that’s not all – here are some more reasons as to why a garden office can help you get more done:

  1. You’ll have a dedicated workspace. When you’re working from home, it’s easy to get distracted by everything around you. With a garden office, you’ll have a designated space for work in your garden, which will help you stay focused.
  2. You’ll be more productive. Studies show that people are more productive when they’re working in natural light. A garden office provides plenty of natural light, so you can take advantage of this to stay on task.
  3. You’ll have garden views, but you’ll be hidden away. When working from home, it can feel like everyone knows you’re there – especially if you’re working near a window that is visible from the road! With garden rooms, you get garden views but are fully enclosed. In fact, even your closest neighbours probably won’t know that you’re there.
  4. You’ll be able to work in peace and quiet. If you live on a busy road, it can be very distracting when people are walking outside, cars are driving past, and so on. With the garden office Ireland homeworkers need, you will be further away from the busy street and less likely to be disrupted by outside noises.
  5. You can mix it up – your one-bed garden room & office can also double up as a space to relax. You’ll find this works best if you create separate areas for work and relaxation, but the option is there. You can even incorporate some exercise equipment and have an office and home gym in your garden room within walking distance of your back door.
  6. You’ll be able to host meetings outside of work hours. When you’re working from an office, it can be challenging to arrange a meeting that fits in with busy schedules. If you want to host meetings with clients or colleagues, garden rooms can provide a relaxed atmosphere, and you can meet up whenever it suits your schedule.
  7. A garden office in Ireland is cheaper and easier than building an extension to your home. Although the exact requirements vary by location, the garden office Ireland homes needs won’t require planning permission and can be considerably cheaper to build than adding an extension to your home.
  8. You’ll feel like your garden office provides proper separation from the house. When working from home, garden offices allow your work and private life to be divided. This can stop you from working for too long – getting the work/life balance right becomes less of a challenge.
  9. You’ll dramatically reduce your commute time. If you work in an office, a garden office can be an excellent home-based alternative that can save the many hours you usually spend driving to and from the office.
  10. The perfect workspace. Everything the garden office Ireland homeworkers deserve can be customized and set up to your requirements. No more hotdesking, no more wondering who stole your stapler, just the best home office setup for productivity.


How to make a productive home office

The work from home environment has always been problematic when you work from WITHIN your home. A garden office allows you to create a work from home environment that is outside your regular home space, which automatically boosts your productivity.

A home office productivity study has shown that productivity can be increased by up to 77% simply by working remotely when using a Garden Room or Log Cabin as a Home Office. Still, you can use some home office hacks to boost your productivity further.

  1. You’re in your garden office to get work done, but your efficiency will be increased if you are comfortable. Find a nice chair to sit on for prolonged periods and set up your desk at the right height. You can even try a standing desk to get the blood flowing!
  2. Set a timer. If you’re doing close work, such as using a computer screen, your eyes will quickly get tired. Work for 50 minutes and take a 10-minute break to relax your eyes and stretch your legs. Maybe make yourself a drink! Working for this length of time also has a psychological benefit – you know there’s a break coming, and you can get more work done in two 50-minute sessions than in a single two-hour session with no break.
  3. Look after your garden office by cleaning regularly. The better cared-for the garden office is, the more time you’ll be able to dedicate to working without becoming distracted. Which leads us to…

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How to optimize your garden office

Get organized! If you’re working from home, it can be very easy to become distracted by any mess. Try to keep your garden office tidy and use drawer dividers or filing cabinets if necessary. A messy garden room won’t motivate you to get up and put things away, but it will distract you.

Set up your working environment so everything is within reach and arranged logically. If you print documents and need to staple them together, put the stapler near the printer. It’s little things like that which can make all the difference.

And remember, a garden office can be connected to the mains water supply, so nothing stops you from having a little kitchen area in your garden office. You’ll still have the ability to take a break, but you won’t need to go into the house to make a drink – entering your home during work hours can be problematic as you’ll become aware of all the jobs that need to be done and can easily get distracted by family life.

A garden office in Ireland can make all the difference!

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