A meditation room at home can add a new dimension to your life. It’s not just about having a place where you can be alone and have some peace and quiet; it is also about accessing the meditation practices that are so beneficial for your physical and mental health.

You have probably heard a lot about meditation and mindfulness over the last few years, and there’s a reason it’s a popular subject. Cultivating a practice of meditation can help with anxiety, give you a chance to relax and take time out from your busy life, and appreciate the world around you.

A meditation room gives you a tranquil space in which you can let go of the stresses of the day, unwind from all-day worrying or ruminating over problems, calm an agitated mind before bedtime, or find grounding when everything around you seems out of control. A meditation room supplies a sanctuary from our hectic world – somewhere we know we’ll always be safe and protected from any outside forces that might cause us harm. In this way, a meditation room becomes an oasis of peace that we can retreat to at any time.

The benefits of building a meditation room at home

Meditation relieves stress, calms you down and helps to give a sense of perspective in a world where sometimes it feels like everything is going wrong. It allows you to detach from problems and re-evaluate them from a more balanced point of view.

The problem is that many people try to find time to meditate in their homes, and it’s not an ideal environment. There are so many distractions, so much noise, the possibility of someone coming to the door (or calling on the phone), your inner peace is at serious threat of being driven away forever!

A meditation room allows you to separate yourself from the day-to-day environment and offers a space to truly relax.

When it’s a building that has been constructed in your garden, you’ll be surrounded by plants and the sounds of nature. You can look out of the windows and see fantastic scenery, the clouds in the sky, hear birds singing (if you’re not too close to a road) – garden room log cabins used as meditation rooms make meditation possible for everyone.

You don’t need to live near mountains or woods to build meditation into your life. The right meditation room will do the job just as well.


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Loghouse garden rooms as a meditation room at home

A garden room from Loghouse makes the perfect choice for your meditation room at home. Because of their simplicity and beauty, rooms for gardens can offer a space where you can find peace – and you can customize that space to meet your individual needs.

The best meditation spaces embody similar qualities to meditation itself: tranquillity, simplicity, calmness. If meditation were a room in your house, it would be decorated with cool colours and soft lights to make the space feel expansive and open. The colours would be pastels or white or light grey, accented with natural wood tones for warmth.

With an actual meditation room in your garden, you can decorate it in the same way, with the added benefit of the garden’s natural beauty to surround it. It makes an ideal space for meditation, close to home but far enough away to allow you to unwind completely.

You can choose meditation furniture that will complement the overall theme of the meditation room, whether you go with yoga mats or meditation cushions. You can have meditation books on hand for reference and play meditation music to help you focus.

The great thing about a Loghouse garden room is that you can connect mains services easily. You can have electricity to power a sound system and soft lighting, and you can even install a bathroom if taking a dip gives you the inner peace you are looking for!

Building meditation into your life

There are no rules when it comes to meditation – you can take a traditional path or go off in your own direction. You can try meditation at designated times of the day or whenever the mood strikes you. Perhaps you could meditate for ten minutes each morning before breakfast, becoming centred and ready to face the day. Or you could use meditation at night to prepare yourself for sleep, clearing your mind of all stress so that it can recharge itself, ready for the next day’s challenges.

The meditation room should be the one place in your home where you are guaranteed peace and quiet, so having a Loghouse log cabin or garden room available to use as your own personal meditation space is a superb choice.

Meditation is something you shouldn’t feel forced to do, but if you want to get on the path to complete relaxation, meditation in your own meditation room allows you to achieve this much more easily.

If meditation means a lot to you but isn’t part of your daily routine yet, having a meditation room in your garden can make it much easier to fit into your life. You know where the meditation room is, and you can use it whenever you want. If meditation makes you feel great, why not make a meditation room at home a key feature of your garden?

If meditation isn’t something you’ve tried yet, give it a go. You can start by sitting and focusing on your breath for five minutes or downloading apps like Headspace or Calm to guide you.

Meditation in a meditation room at home allows you to meditate without distractions. Building meditation into your life is easy when you have a meditation room at home!

Building a meditation room at home

At Loghouse, we have years of experience designing and building log cabins and garden rooms in many different types of gardens. We’ll help you find the perfect garden room to enhance your meditation sessions, and you can be sure that it will be completed with minimal disruption to your life.

Get in touch today and let us help you create the meditation room of your dreams.



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