Building log cabins for schools has never been the first choice for any school that needed an extra classroom. A much more common approach has been to use a port-a-cabin as a semi-permanent structure for children to continue their education in.

Port-a-cabins are designed for this kind of usage – they seem to be a cost-effective solution for schools that need more space than they currently have. Building an extension to the school may cost multiple thousands, and the planning permissions needed may be far too complicated to obtain. Planning permission to erect port-a-cabins can be simpler to acquire than for extensions or new brick buildings.

Quickly throwing up a modular or portable building seems to tick all the boxes, but log cabins for schools may be a much better choice.

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The Benefits of Log Cabins for Schools

There are many things that are required for classrooms depending on the lessons to be taught in them, but the most common requirements are heating and light. Choosing to use log cabins for schools gives greater options than simply using a port-a-cabin.

Full connection to the electric mains supply is possible for both options, as is plumbing and heating, but the interior of a log cabin is much more customisable than any port-a-cabin. Log cabins can be constructed internally almost as if they were brick-built, allowing the look and feel of any school to continue into the cabin.

This internal environment is important for the education process as the students will be used to the way their classrooms look. A disruption to this theme may seem like a small issue but can have a big effect on how well students concentrate.

Loghouse Log cabins can also be custom designed to fill the size and shape of space that the school has available. Building log cabins for schools can give a much more effective use of space than choosing any other kind of building. With the interior also being fully customisable, the classroom can be laid out exactly how the school needs it to be, facilitating the most suitable arrangements for both students and teachers.

Exterior for a Log cabins built for schools in Ireland

Environmentally Conscious

The younger generations are now often more aware of any environmental issues facing the planet and will be happy to know that log cabins are more environmentally friendly than port-a-cabins.

Log cabins from Loghouse are built from Scandinavian pine, which is a strong and resilient wood. The cabins are built to last, but more importantly, Scandinavian pine is a renewable resource. All of the wood that we use is grown responsibly and levels are carefully maintained to ensure there is no negative impact on the environment.

When the cabins are put together, all joints are carefully sealed to ensure the maximum level of energy efficiency. If you’re heating a building through the winter you’ll find this can reduce your energy bill dramatically.

Any Kind of Lesson

Log cabins for schools accommodate any kind of lesson you can imagine. As our experienced design team can work to match your needs, you’ll soon discover that Loghouse log cabins can include kitchens and bathrooms with any kind of flooring.

In addition to regular lessons with students sitting at desks, other lessons including cookery lessons and science lessons will work well in a log cabin, and with the correct design choices you can even use log cabins as changing rooms – complete with showers.

The flexibility of log cabins for schools should never be underestimated, and you may find that log cabins may be much more suitable for your school than you first imagined.

Interior of a Log cabins built for schools in Ireland

Log Cabins Sound Great

Unlike other types of cabin with thinner artificially constructed walls, log cabins for schools assist in concentration by dampening the level of sounds from outside. Wood naturally absorbs soundwaves which means that lessons held within log cabins can be significantly quieter than those held in other types of classroom.

Breathable Building Materials

Log cabins are made from a naturally breathable building material – wood. This is not so much to do with air, but with moisture. Moisture does not become trapped within a log cabin as it is absorbed into the construction itself and expelled by evaporation.

This can make it a much more pleasant environment to spend time in than a building that is made of a non-breathable material. Opening vents and windows can have a similar effect, but during cold weather this isn’t a great option – log cabins can allow this breathability all year round without the need for vents or windows to be opened.

Permanent Classrooms in Log Cabins for Schools

In many instances, port-a-cabins are not yours to keep, they are instead rented rooms that will either need to be returned or have an ongoing cost associated with them.

The purchase of a log cabin is complete and final – it’s yours. The cost of a log cabin (especially in comparison to a port-a-cabin) may be lower than you think, and financing options are often available to help spread the cost.

This means that schools can easily factor the cost of the construction of a log cabin into their budgets, and once it has been paid for it will be on-site forever. Due to the fact that these cabins can be built to the exact specification needed by the school, including size and shape, and because the construction materials are long lasting and hard wearing, a log cabin can be a great investment for a school.

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Loghouse Log Cabins for Schools

We are a fully certified, insured, and bonded log cabin company with great experience installing log cabins across Ireland. Our design team is friendly and professional and always create clever solutions for any problems your requirements may create.

This means that you get a log cabin that provides everything you need for a classroom, just how you need it to be.

If you’d like to find out more about log cabins for schools please get in touch with us today.

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