Home cinema rooms are becoming increasingly popular, as people strive to create a more comfortable and luxurious home environment. But what if you want to take it one step further and create your very own garden cinema? Garden cinema rooms & garden cinema ideas are easier than you might think to create, and can be done on a budget too! Here’s how to create your own modern garden room with a cinema.

Step 1: Find the right location

Your garden cinema obviously needs to be in your garden but choosing exactly where can pose an issue. It needs to be somewhere that you can be “indoors” but be outside simultaneously.

You can create temporary garden cinema rooms by using your garden furniture and setting up on your patio. Still, for something more permanent, you’ll need a building. A shed will be too small, but a garden room log cabin can provide the ideal space to set up your cinema.

Well-insulated so you’ll be able to enjoy your movies on cool evenings (or even during winter), they can be connected to mains electricity – vital for running a projector or TV. Plus, you can have a heating system installed, and kitchen facilities those all-important refreshments. You can even have a bathroom built in to prevent anyone needing to run back to the house when nature calls!

Whatever you choose, ensure that there’s enough space in your garden and enough space inside the building. The size will be dictated by how many people you want in your garden cinema room – if it’s just you and your partner, a smaller type of rooms for gardens will work. If it’s you, the kids, their friends, and anyone else, you might need to go a little larger.


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Step 2: Choosing the equipment

The next step is choosing the equipment for your garden cinema room. If you already have a projector (or TV) and a DVD player or a device capable of playing from USB or via Bluetooth, then chances are you’re good to go. However, if not – or you’re just looking to upgrade – here’s what you’ll need:

– A garden cinema projector will become the heart of your garden cinema room – without one, you won’t be able to watch your films. Modern projectors are surprisingly small and super-efficient, so don’t let their size put you off. You can use a large TV at a push, but nothing beats the big screen experience.

– Speaking of big screens, you’ll need a garden cinema screen to project the movies. You can use an internal wall of log cabins. Still, a projector screen can offer more flexibility, better colour reproduction, and a brighter image. Another option is to simply buy a white sheet and attach it to the garden room wall – but where’s the fun in that?

– You’ll need speakers too – without some kind of sound system, you’ll be limited to watching silent movies. Some projectors have tiny speakers built-in, but if you’re serious about discovering the appeal of garden cinema rooms, you’ll want something a little bigger. Wired stereo speakers are an option, and wireless speakers are an affordable alternative. However, getting a surround sound system with a subwoofer hooked up will give your garden cinema room a true cinema-at-home feel.

– A DVD player used to be an essential piece of home cinema equipment, but if you want to take the modern approach, hooking up a media streaming device will allow you to watch films from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. You can also watch YouTube videos and live TV with these devices, giving you even more ways to watch your favourite shows. Similarly, when creating a Sensory Room at Home, Garden cinema rooms created in log cabins can easily be connected to your wifi, so you don’t even have to worry about signal strength or streaming over mobile data.

Step 3: Choosing where you will sit

Furniture is critical to enjoying any movie in your garden cinema room. Whether you opt for garden chairs or go all-out and put in some comfy sofas – perhaps even on stepped platforms to give the true cinema experience – make sure you can sit on them for an extended period. Comfort is important, and even something as simple as a side table to put your drinks on can make a difference.


Step 4: Lighting for garden cinema rooms

Garden lighting and interior lighting will make a big difference to your garden cinema room experience. It’s not enough to have garden lights for safety reasons – you could have the trees and garden illuminated to make them part of the film too! You can use garden light sensors or motion-activated garden security lights. Also very popular in She Sheds – Garden Rooms For The Girls, a dimmable light for indoors is a great option to help you get the most out of your garden cinema room.

If you have smart home devices, you can even create custom settings for them. Dimming the lights, closing curtains, turning up the volume – make it happen with a single voice command, and sit back and enjoy the show. The scope for what you can achieve in garden cinema rooms can be spectacular.

Step 5: Decorating

Laminate floor? Carpet? Nicely painted walls? If you choose a log cabin from Loghouse, you can decorate your garden cinema rooms in any way you choose. Create a truly immersive experience and decorate your cinema room as if it were a real cinema.

Ensure to hide any cables and keep the seating areas clear and clutter-free. And don’t forget the popcorn!

Garden cinema rooms don’t have to break the bank

However you choose to create your cinema room, you don’t have to go all-out and break the bank. A garden cinema room can be a simple addition to your garden, and a Loghouse garden room is the ideal choice. Competitively priced with finance options available, you can create garden cinema rooms that are only limited by your imagination – so get creative!

If you have any questions regarding creating your own garden cinema experience, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have installed log cabins in gardens across Ireland and know what it takes to complete garden cinema rooms successfully.



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