Log Cabins as Home Offices, no matter what industry you work in, there is a high likelihood that at some point you’ll need to sit down to get some work done. Even for those who do not work in an office, there is often a space carved out at home to get those invoices finished off or get the bills paid.

Home office log cabins make doing any kind of work from home much simpler by giving a real designated area for work – you may have found a space to work before, but the kitchen table sometimes has other uses!

For people who run their own business, home office log cabins are a great choice. Many people are finding that they now need to work from home for health and safety reasons, and there is no reason to look any further than using a log cabin as your home office.

But why is choosing a log cabin more advantageous than any other option for a home office?


The Advantages of Log Cabins as Home Offices

Home office log cabins provide a dedicated area for you to work which lets you get on with whatever you need to do whenever you want to do it. It may not sound like much, but it is a great advantage over other ways of working – imagine getting into the flow of what you are doing only to have to put everything away, and then having to unpack it all when you are ready to start again.

Some homes may have a spare room to set up a home office in, but desks are sometimes crammed into space in a bedroom. This prevents the separation of work and relaxation which will have an impact on both – your work will suffer, and your sleep will be of lower quality.

A further option is to use a conservatory, but these rooms are often the main route out to your garden. Constant interruptions as family members pass by to enjoy the garden will soon make you realise there may have been a better choice, even if you enjoy the view. And of course, with conservatories being made mostly of glass, there may be heating and cooling issues to contend with.

Home office log cabins allow you to keep a great view of the garden to help you feel focused and relaxed as you work, but you will not be constantly interrupted by people passing by. As log cabins are made from wood, the temperature is less of a concern as breathable materials are better at maintaining the temperature and environment you desire. Staying cool in summer and holding warmth in winter, wood is a great choice for any home office.

There are clearly advantages to having a set area to work in that has a great view and keeps you at just the right temperature, but is it convenient to have a log cabin in your garden?

Real Convenience

The short answer is yes, it is highly convenient to choose home office log cabin for your garden. The reasons are quite simple.

First, it is just as convenient as working at home. A short stroll across the garden and you are there, with no long drive to an office, no sitting on public transport, and the opportunity to go back home quickly in the event you realise you’ve forgotten to bring something with you.

Second, the building itself is full of convenience. While standard designs exist for home office log cabins, you have the opportunity to have your own building custom designed. This can be by altering the size and shape of a standard design so it fits comfortably in the space you have available, all the way up to a completely customized log cabin that has every feature you can imagine, including several interior rooms and even smart home features.

Plumbing and electricity can be connected to your home office log cabin which means you can run your computer easily, put the kettle on, and get on with everything you need to. Every modern convenience you can imagine can be installed in a log cabin, and you can decorate it in any way you choose. If you want to replicate the interior of a regular corporate office, you can – it is your own private office where you can work as you choose.


Can a Log Cabin Really be Used as a Home Office?

If you’ve been used to working in a central shared office, it may seem that having a home office is unnecessary. However, with the prevalence of internet video conferencing tools, you can often work more effectively from home than you can in a “real” office.

For those running their own business, it can serve as a base to plan, to create, or to simply get the tasks completed that you need to focus on. Log cabin home offices give you a sense of grounding due to their connection with your garden, and you may find that your home office becomes your favourite place to work.

The flexibility of using Log Cabins as Home Offices, means that you can have more than one internal room, which gives you the potential to include a kitchen and/or a bathroom. Your work time can be fully distraction-free, and you’ll achieve your work goals much more quickly when you can dedicate time and space to doing exactly what is needed.

Home Office Log Cabins from Loghouse

We design, create, and build log cabins across Ireland for a wide range of clients. Home offices are just one use that Loghouse log cabins have, but with every log cabin we sell, we are committed to producing the highest quality space for you to use.

Our cabins are built from sustainable wood and are therefore environmentally friendly, and we ensure that cabins we construct are fully sealed to help prevent damage caused by the weather.

Home office log cabins are a cost-effective way to reclaim your living space and create a perfect environment to work in.

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