Log cabin exterior painting is a task that can help you bring a personal touch to your cabin. It’s important to pick the right colour for your log cabin, as it will be seen by you, the people you live with, visitors, and possibly even customers if you run a business from your cabin.

You’ll want your cabin to promote the right feeling. If it’s painted a bright colour on the outside, but you want to use the space for relaxing, it might not put you in the right frame of mind. There are plenty of points to consider when choosing a colour for log cabin exterior painting. (More info on Log Cabin Interior Paint Ideas)

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Can you paint a log cabin exterior?

Yes! Painting log cabins is very popular and can be done safely. Be sure to use high-quality paint that is designed for log cabin exteriors. Depending on the type of cabin you have, you’ll need a selection of paintbrushes and rollers.

It will be relatively easy to paint if it has a flat external surface. However, getting into the little gaps between each piece will require patience and smaller paintbrushes if the timber is rounded.

What is the best paint to paint a log cabin?

Many types of paint are designed specifically for the task, providing protection from the weather, extending the life of your cabin, and improving its visual appeal.

The best log cabin exterior paints should contain high levels of UV protection, mildew resistance, and waterproofing properties. It should also be designed to adhere well to log cabin exteriors.

Do you need to prime log cabin before painting?

Yes, it’s always preferable to prime the area before commencing the log cabin exterior painting. Priming log cabin exteriors is key to getting the best finish. Not only will it make it easier to paint over the log cabin exterior, but it will also help seal in any moisture and give you a superior finish that will last much longer.

You can attempt to paint a log cabin without priming, but it will most likely result in patchy coverage and an inferior overall finish and look.


What do you treat the outside of a log cabin with?

In addition to log cabin exterior painting, you can treat the outside of your log cabin with a range of products designed for log cabins. These include log cabin oil and wood preservatives. (More info on Decorating a Log Cabin)

Log cabin oils help protect against rot and decay, while wood preservatives are designed to provide a barrier against moisture, mould, and mildew.

If you’re looking for a more decorative finish, log cabin stains can be used to add colour and texture. Log cabin stains come in a range of different colours and are designed to penetrate the log cabin exterior for superior protection against the elements. (More info on Building A Log Cabin)

10 tips for choosing a colour for log cabin exterior painting

When painting a log cabin and choosing a colour, keep these points in mind:

  1. Choose a colour that complements the log cabin’s natural setting. You want to make sure the paint colour you choose won’t clash with the surrounding landscape or other features of your log cabin. Consider how well various shades may blend in with the existing elements and pick one that complements them.
  2. Make sure the colour you choose is appropriate for the log cabin’s style. If your log cabin follows a rustic theme, go with a warm earthy hue. But if it has more of a modern design, use bolder hues to create contrast and make an eye-catching statement.
  3. Consider how different colours will look in different lighting and weather conditions. For example, a dark colour might look great in the sunlight but could fade and become dull. Different weather conditions may also affect how it appears, and you need to be happy with its appearance in shade, sunshine, and rain.
  4. Test out different colours before you make your final decision by using sample paints on parts of the log cabin’s exterior. You can also use online tools to see how certain hues will look on your log cabin.
  5. Pick a colour that is easy to maintain and won’t require frequent repainting. Light colours are usually easier to keep clean, while dark hues may need more regular upkeep. This is because it is more obvious when a dark colour becomes patchy, with the lighter colour of the log cabin showing through.
  6. Avoid using extreme contrasts when selecting paint for the log cabin’s exterior. While you want your log cabin to stand out and be visually appealing, too much contrast can create an overwhelming look.
  7. Consider the log cabin’s future uses. If you plan to use it as a place of business or somewhere for people to meet up, pick a colour that has broad appeal and won’t cause potential visitors to become put off.
  8. Consider using multiple shades of the same colour to create a unique look. This will add depth and interest to the log cabin’s exterior and make it stand out. Truly unique looks can be achieved using multiple shades for log cabin exterior painting.
  9. Think about how log cabin exterior painting can be used as an opportunity to express yourself. Picking a unique colour combination can help create a log cabin that stands out and reflects your personality. However, it’s always worth getting a second opinion – you might not realise colours clash as badly as they do!
  10. Consider the log cabin’s interior design when selecting an exterior paint colour. You want the log cabin to look aesthetically pleasing on both sides, so try and ensure that the colours complement each other.

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Log cabin exterior painting – Is it OK to paint a log cabin?

Yes, and it’s often advantageous! When you’re choosing a colour, ultimately, you need to pick a colour you love. With log cabin exterior painting, nothing beats a colour you feel passionate about and can enjoy seeing every day.

Follow the above tips to ensure it’s the right choice for your log cabin, and enjoy the transformation of Log cabin exterior painting! – Log Cabins for Sale – Tips to Consider Before Buying A Log Cabin

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