Did you know that Loghouse is the only fully certified, insured and bonded log cabin company in Ireland? We carry the following certifications and bonds:

 FSC Certification. FSC forest management certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves the natural ecosystem and benefits the
lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economical viability. Ask to see this from our competitors

 As your building is 100% timber it is very important to ensure that your cabin
is made from good quality wood to avoid problems like warping, twisting or
excessive settling due to timber that has not been dried sufficiently. Where it is
grown and how it is cured is of exceptional importance

If the log house is to be a habitable dwelling a 10-year structural guarantee from Global Warranties.
This means your project would be visited at various stages of construction and signed off  as completed as per best build practices and building regulations by qualified
surveyors and industry professionals.

 Public liability insurance, product and installation guarantee. We carry the most insurance of any of our competitors in the industry and our insurance certs
are on display in all our showrooms. Also on display are the manufacturer’s guarantee and our own guarantee of trained, qualified service professionals. All our installers are safe pass certified before they are allowed to walk on a site.

Ask to see the competitors credentials as it may save you the price of the cabin if they do not have the correct coverage and training.

Beware of companies operating with little to no insurance, have the correct training and bonds and always request these documents before making a decision to buy. Your purchase of a cabin is important to you, so take the time and seek a company that not only stands behind their products, but also backs it up with the paperwork to ensure you do not lose your investment should any damages occur or warranty work is required.

Log House Log Cabins also carry a BEST PRICE GUARANTEE !!

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