Building a family home allows you to design a house to suit the needs of you and your family perfectly. Along with this, it’s an exciting chance to use your imagination and creativity to help design the space.

The only drawback to building a house is the question of where to live during construction.

If the time has started to break ground on your dream home, you need to figure out where should you live while it is built. See why our cabins make a wonderful house to live in.

Where to Live When Building a Home?

This questions can raise the blood pressure of any home-builder. As you build your “forever home,” the thought about where to live can drive you mad. If you have children, it’s an especially tricky question, as you’ll need them to be safe and comfortable during this period of time.

Living with friends or family often isn’t a viable option. The lack of space, privacy, and the need to stay somewhere for a long period of time mean that it’s better to have your own space while your home is built.

You’ll be happy to know that we have the perfect solution.

Can I Live On-Site?

Some people think they can live on-site while they build or renovate their house. We’re here to warn you about the reality of doing this.

First, it’s going to be cold. Very cold. A lack of proper floors, fitted windows and doors, and no heating means that renovation projects are cold. During winter months in places like Ireland, it’s simply not a safe option.

Next, it can be wet. If you’re re-roofing or extending, there will definitely be a period of time when the house isn’t weather-tight.

Another issue is that you can’t have guests around. This is especially tricky if you have kids. People may offer to pop round and then you’ll live in fear of them seeing the state in which you’re living.

One of the worst parts of living on-site is dust and mud. It gets everywhere. Despite your best efforts to clean, the dust will simply infiltrate every corner of your living space.

Along with this, progress will be slowed down if you live on-site. You’ll need a place to cook, wash up, and sleep. Therefore, the work has to be done around these areas which complicates everything.

As you can see, living on-site presents a range of pretty terrible scenarios. Many of these are unsafe if you have young children around. For this reason, it’s important to do your research about temporary housing during a home renovation.

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You’ve Found a House to Live In

Here’s the good news. We have a temporary home for you!

Instead of braving the harsh Irish environment trying to live on your building site, you can move straight into a residential log cabin.

These log houses are specially created and designed for the Irish climate with extra window seals and damp proof membranes. Dampness is kept at bay with specifically designed foundations, which ensures the longevity of the log house during construction.

Loghouse’s log cabins are all made from Scandinavian Pine and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. You’ll have the benefit of working with a team who has your best interests at heart. The team is made up of experts who are safety certified and bonded for your peace of mind.

The team ensures your log house will be built within the best possible standards, as they stay updated on the newest trends, ideas, and techniques in the industry.

There’s no need to worry about moving from place to place during your construction. You and your family can be housed in a cozy, perfectly comfortable log house while your home is built.

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Why Log Cabins?

Some reasons for their increased popularity include the fact that there’s a wide range of choices regarding their looks and design. Another reason is that the price of a log cabin is relatively inexpensive compared to alternative options.

They’re beautiful and interesting to look at. They’re much more attractive than featureless brick.

In addition, much less ground preparation is required. This means your log cabin can be completed in a significantly shorter timeframe than a brick structure.

These days, you can find log cabins for holiday homesoffice cabins, and residential log cabins.  As the client, you’re able to choose not only the size of the log cabin but the shape and width of the windows and walls.

The exciting news is that your log cabin can be made to suit your unique needs and wants. It’ll be fully adapted to your every requirement. This ensures that it’ll provide the best living environment possible.

Lastly, log cabins are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. Because of this, they’re a real investment that can be enjoyed for generations to come. At any point, they can be moved or repurposed.

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The Next Steps

Comfy, beautiful, inexpensive, fast and lasting for generations. What else could you wish for?

After reading this article, it’s clear that staying in a log house while building a new home offers a range of benefits. Your log house can be set up in close enough proximity that you can oversee portions of the construction. But you’ll be tucked away in a beautiful log home the rest of the time.

Now you know more about temporary homes while building, what are the next steps?

For more information about finding a unique log house to live in, please contact us. We’re here to guide you through your options so you can find the best log house possible.

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