Living out your business dreams – setting up a log house Beauty Salon in a Luxury Log Cabin

If you’ve ever dreamed of running your own beauty salon business, you’ve probably given it some consideration and made a few plans around how to make it happen. The biggest stumbling block is often finding the right premises, and a luxury log cabin might not have crossed your mind.

In fact, a log house beauty salon could be the solution that helps the rest of your plan fall in to place.

Why Choose a Luxury Log Cabin?

Finding premises on the high street can be difficult at the best of times and finding premises that are in a great location is even harder. The better the location, the higher the price, and more often than not you’ll be renting the premises – this means that your hard-earned cash will be going in someone else’s pocket.

A luxury log cabin is a great choice to counteract this. First, the log cabin is yours, and the surroundings are yours. You can make the area look however you want, and you can create a peaceful retreat in your own back garden.

Second, a log house beauty salon is something different, maybe a little quirky. You’ll certainly stand out from the crowd in a positive way.

But perhaps more importantly than all of this, the log cabin belongs to you. There’s no rent to pay, and you can purchase the cabin on finance to spread the cost. This is better than paying rent, as every payment you make means you own more and more of the building – you can’t say that when you’re renting a room on the high street.

Setting Up Your Log House Beauty Salon

Modern beauty salons have a certain look about them with clean lines, bright lights, and a relaxing atmosphere. You may think that you couldn’t replicate such an environment in a log cabin, but you’d be wrong.

The concept is simple but can be a little difficult to understand at first – a luxury log cabin is not a garden shed with delusion of grandeur! It’s a building like any other, be it a house, a shop, a business of any kind. The only difference is that the walls are constructed of wood.

And what a fantastic wood it is! At Loghouse, our luxury log cabins are built from Scandinavian pine, a strong and resilient wood that looks great and lasts for a very long time. But it isn’t just the choice of wood that is important, it’s the options that building a luxury log cabin in your garden can offer.

You can choose the size, shape, and style of the building. You can personalise it as you see fit. And because it’s just like any other building, you can connect mains supplies to it, meaning that electricity and water are easily accessible.

The Interior of Your Luxury Log Cabin

A modern luxury log cabin from Loghouse is a start-to-finish project. It’s not just a case of erecting a log cabin and leaving you to finish it off, as our skilled team can complete the electrical and plumbing work you require prior to creating an interior finish that rivals any beauty salon.

From laminate flooring to wall coverings to lighting and heating systems, your log house beauty salon can look and feel just how you imagined it would, giving you the perfect place to bring your clients. Complete kitchens and bathrooms can be installed in your log cabin allowing you to provide the full log house beauty salon experience just as if you were working from a shop in the middle of a town.

Why a Log House Beauty Salon is The Best Choice

Aside from beauty salons in rented premises, some beauty therapists run their business from a room in their home. This isn’t a dedicated space and is not ideal in the long run. A luxury log cabin is a better choice than both of these options.

You are in control of your log cabin, so you can choose the size and shape, the internal layout, and the décor. With a room in your home or a shop front in a town, you have a predetermined layout and size, and the options for changing the way it looks may be limited.

A log cabin will allow you to have an area to work, and when you are ready to go home, you can leave and lock it away, and you’ll be back in your house in seconds. Home and business never need to mix unless you want them to.

How to Start Your Log House Beauty Salon

At Loghouse, we have great experience in all areas of log cabin supply and construction. We’ve installed thousands of log cabins across Ireland, including many that people have chosen specifically to run businesses from. We can advise you on the best use of the space you have available, which may in part be determined by the size and shape of the space available in your garden.

Our design team consider practicality to be of the utmost importance, and so we’ll go out of our way to make sure that your luxury log cabin fulfils the functions you need it to, and that it looks great too. Some beauty salons need private rooms, some need running water by a selection of chairs, some need spotlights. We understand that your requirements may not be the same as anyone else’s, and we’ll do all that we can to accommodate your needs through a custom designed log house beauty salon.

Running a business can require a great amount of motivation to get started and working in a beautiful log cabin is sure to motivate you to achieve great things. A luxury log cabin will provide an effective working space for you, a place of rest and relaxation for your clients. You’ll be proud to say that you run a business from your very own log house beauty salon. – CONTACT LOGHOUSE TODAY

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