Log cabins may conjure an image in your mind of a lumberjack living in the forest, cooking food with a camping stove, and being in a battle against the elements. The reality of modern log cabins is entirely different!

A log cabin interior can be very similar in style and finish to any brick-built house you know, and coupled with heating, electric, and running water, a timber house is a building with great potential.

Log Cabin Living

One of the most popular trends at the moment is log cabin living, wherein cabins are built in place of traditional home extensions. When your family needs a little more space, you can spread out into your modern log cabin, whether it’s a place for the kids to play, a home gym, a relaxing place to sit and watch the world go by, or even if it is a self-contained man cave!

Build a Log Cabin Office

Loghouse produce the best timber log cabins in Ireland and our customers have put them to a variety of different uses, and there’s no reason that you can’t do the same. As you may expect, log houses lend themselves well for use by holiday home rental companies, but can also have other commercial uses – in fact, commercial log cabins are becoming more and more popular. Building a Log cabin to use as a reception area in a holiday park is very popular with many of our customers, while a local sports clubs are all finding out the benefit and convenience of build a Log Cabin Clubhouse. Our recent project for Lexlip Tennis Club’s clubhouse look resplendent in timber!

For those who are running their own business, a log cabin can make an ideal office space, or if what you do is a little less formal a modern log cabin can make a perfect art studio, yoga studio, or even a beauty salon. Running a creche? A log cabin is not only comfortable but also looks super cool for kids!.

Versatility in Design

The true flexibility and versatility of a log cabin is only limited by your imagination. From a temporary sales office to a log cabin to store your sports equipment, or a cosy space to share with friends and family – or an even cosier place to *get away* from friends and family!

Log Cabins are like many other buildings you may encounter, but you get to choose the size, shape, and location. Use them as a space to live out your passion, care for your family, or grow your business.

There’s an abundance of choice with every log cabin, and you get to choose the options that suit you the best.

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