In Loghouse we try to create the most relaxed environment for all of our customers with different needs. That is why we offer variable options on almost all our services with no exception to the erecting and delivery. The standard log cabins for sale we offer on our website are available in a flat pack or DIY kit. All models are available and priced with both options, and might have slightly different delivery prices and timing. Our consultants would be glad to advise you on various aspects of both of them to ensure you are able to make informed decision on the one which is most suitable for you.

No matter which option you pick, we are glad to offer you the services of our skilled base of carpenters who can erect your log cabin in a minimal amount of time and with a high degree of quality. However, you are free to choose a delivery only option and proceed with erecting work yourself with the instructions provided. Please keep in mind that in this case Loghouse is not liable for the quality or erecting work. We strongly recommend that you use our professional staff to erect your log cabin.