At Loghouse we believe that one of the most important decisions in the design of your log cabin is the roof. It should be reliable and protect from strong Irish winds and rain keeping the log cabin warm and dry. This is why our choice is a bituminous roof shingle on top of either a timber roof or a timber roof with optional insulation. All our standard log cabins for sale are constructed with the use of this technology although there are other roofing options available as well for an additional charge.

If you want to purchase a bespoke log cabin designed specifically for you, our professional team will be glad to consult you on the roofing options we can offer and would be suitable for your garden office, summer log cabin or residential log cabin. Different roofing options can be recommended based on the area where your log cabin will be used as well as depending on the local climate. You can choose either inexpensive or higher-priced options but we will guarantee the roof will serve you for years saving your new log cabin from bad weather.