You’ve always known what your log cabin should be like? You know how many rooms should be there, and how they should be connected? And you finally decided to follow your dreams and order a log cabin to be built. But now you’re facing a question of whether you can be the only one to decide on the plan of the log cabin or should it be approved by the local authorities?

The general rule regulating log cabins in Ireland states that any building under 25 sq m and less than 3.9m high to the side or rear of your house doesn’t require planning permission. But since the local rules might slightly differ we highly recommend customers check with their local authorities prior to purchase.

For larger log cabins planning permission is necessary. Please keep in mind that Loghouse only provides the log cabin you requested and is not responsible for planning permission, which is the customer’s responsibility. However, we would be happy to assist in providing you with contacts of professionals who have been helping our customers for years.

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