A lot of people nowadays suffer from hard work in the offices especially during summer period when the weather is very hot. For these people fortunately architects designed a home office log cabin. It is a mobile building which usually has one room, toilet and may be a kitchen. It is very comfortable as you can place it wherever you want either in the city or somewhere in the suburbs on the fresh air on nature.  A home office log cabin is also good for a person who work at home and it may be difficult as children or somebody else can interfere him. So in such a case he can place it for example in the garden near the house and work there thus he can work in peace and still be at home.  There are also many people who do not like the busyness of the big city. And a lot of people waste much time to get to work through the traffic jams for long distances. A home office log cabin is the best way out for such people. Such cabins are built of ecologically pure materials which are very safe for people. They are usually very light as they have big windows, so every person that has tried it, can advice you buying it. It is very comfortable to work there as it is your own office with everything you may need.  The price of these cabins is low enough that an average person can afford buying it easily. And it will be much cheaper to buy a home office log cabin than to rent a usual office in the city.