Loghouse.ie has exclusive access to the newest technological breakthrough in log house design. Our state of the art, glulam log houses are designed with a minimal approach and a tensile strength and low carbon output that cannot be beat on the market. To celebrate this achievement we are offering to pay for planning and design for the first three people who meet our eligibility criteria.

That’s right, Loghouse.ie will reimburse all design and planning costs associated with your application once your permission is granted and your dream home is on the way! Take advantage of this offer now and contact us as soon as possible to secure your dream home design.

Glulam Squared Log houses

The loghouse.ie glulam log is produced on highly advanced technological equipment by gluing together planed wooden boards, which are milled by the longitudinal sawing of raw logs. When a tree trunk is sawn, the so called timber ‘tension’ that has been building up between rings during the years of growth is removed. If this ‘tension’ is not removed from a wooden log, it can become deformed or twisted during the drying process. After being dried, the timber is planed to the finest stage of purity. Finely dried pieces are glued by their length with the help of special glue and are again planed. They are then collected into a special package and put into a special press.

Buildings built from glulam logs are not necessarily just living premises but can also be for other purposes too – the elegant look of the logs allows for creative features to appear in harsh, dreary looking city building that are common place in all modern cities worldwide.

The advantages of glulam logs:

  • A house from glulam logs is more durable and longer-lasting than traditionally built houses using traditional building materials
  • It has predictable level of shrinkage which is 1 or 2 cm for every 1 m of wall
  • Ecologically clean water-based glue does not interfere with the ability of the wood to ‘breathe’
  • Glulam log allows for the building of houses to any size, any number of storeys – your own bespoke building built to order!!
  • When glued into one log, the directions of the annual tree rings in each piece of wood are placed in opposite directions so as to ensure that the log is more durable in comparison to a normal log
  • No other log stands any comparison in terms of heat insulation, draughtiness and the tight fitting of corner beams

The high processing quality of the surfaces of the façade allows for a minimum of wall decoration.