I am considering using my log cabin not only as a summer cabin, but also as a winter cabin. Will it be warm enough?

Log cabin holiday homes as well as residential log cabins are designed for all times and seasons of the year. Despite the fact that sometimes they are associated with summer as the common season of use, they’re perfectly suitable to be used during colder months. There is a reason why in the 21st century wooden cabins are still very common in the countryside areas where temperatures might be reasonably lower than in the big cities. No matter how far building technologies have gone, building log cabins are still very popular. But what makes them so popular?

The answer is very simple. Thanks to the unique ability of timber to insulate, it is cool in the summer months and warm during winter. Research has shown that log homes retain 40% more heat than block or brick. This is one of the main reasons why residential log cabins are so popular. Log homes also provide you with a breathable structure.